Can You Plant Mandevilla in the Ground?

It’s not difficult to plant a Mandevilla vine in the ground. Because this vine does not like to be crowded, start by pulling out any extra vegetation from the area where it will be grown. Put a decorative ladder, trellis, or similar structure near your planted vines. Mandevilla vines always find something to cling to no matter what, so make sure you choose an item in advance. If planting bulbs, dig holes at least twice as wide as the root ball and deep enough to cover them completely with soil. Seeds should be planted at least half an inch deep. Pack the soil somewhat loosely.

Can you plant mandevilla in the ground?

4 Steps to Plant a Mandevilla Vine in the Ground

Mandevillas are a tropical vine that respond very well to being planted in the ground. In no time, you’ll begin seeing beautiful mandevilla vines. Just follow the steps outlined below:

Hoe the Surrounding Area

Clear the area first when planting your mandevilla plant directly in the ground. This ensures it has adequate room to grow. Vines like mandevilla don’t like overcrowding by weeds, debris, or other plants, so think of it as giving the vine “breathing room.” The soil mix should be kept moist but not soggy. Mandevilla vines are partial to a happy medium with regard to dry versus moist soil.

Carefully Position a Premade Trellis in the Soil

Build or buy a decorative ladder or trellis, like this one. Carefully position your trellis in the soil where the seeds or bulbs will be planted. Vines are opportunistic botanicals, and will begin to climb nearly any item you place nearby. They are not picky, so you can choose the item based on what looks best in your garden.

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Dig Proper Holes for Your Plants

Use a shovel or garden trowel to dig a hole as deep as the root ball of your mandevilla. Then, expand the hole until it is twice the width of the mandevilla root ball. Avoid planting bulbs or seeds too deeply. This may cause them to struggle to break through the soil and prevent building strong roots.

Pack Surrounding Soil Loosely

Cover your mandevilla bulbs or seeds loosely with the dirt you removed while digging. Don’t pack the dirt tightly.  Packing soil too tightly around mandevilla bulbs can prevent your plants from breaking through the soil surface. It’s okay to mound the dirt slightly over the hole, as long as you have loose soil. This is much better than packing the dirt down. Gentle hand pressure is all that’s needed to get the dirt to the right consistency for mandevilla growth.

Can You Plant a Mandevilla Vine Outside?

A mandevilla vine is easy to grow outside. These vines are not a high-maintenance plant. With a little care, you can use their showy, bright blooms to enhance the appearance of your garden. Although some people like to start their seeds or bulbs indoors, there is no reason not to plant your vines outside from the beginning.

  • Mandevilla vines can be planted outdoors without much difficulty.
  • Water regularly to prevent the soil around your newly planted Mandevilla from drying out.
  • Avoid planting mandevilla vines outdoors if the winter temperature frequently dips below 45℉ (4℃).

Just make sure you keep the soil from drying out, and allow the plant to get a minimum of 6 hours of sunlight per day. Mandevilla vines will tolerate partial shade, but will not thrive if they are completely left out of full sun. The only reason you should not plant a mandevilla vine outside is if you live where the minimum temperature regularly dips below 45℉ (4℃) overnight. If you live in a region with cold winters, check out our guide to helping your mandevilla survive winter.

Where is the Best Place to Plant a Mandevilla Outside?

Plant Mandevilla vines in full sun. The blooms will be impressive and the plant will thrive best this way. Choose an area that gets at least 6 hours of direct sunlight each day. However, even more direct sunlight is better. Mandevilla vines are tropical plants and therefore can tolerate hot weather conditions and bright sun very well.

  • Plant mandevilla vines in the sunniest part of your garden.
  • 6 hours or more of daily sun is recommended.
  • Plant the vines where the soil is neither too moist nor too dry.

Plant mandevillas in soil that is moist but not soggy. Don’t let the soil become too dry. Aim for medium soil that is not too moist or too dry. If there is standing water on the soil surface, conditions are too wet. If the upper portion of the soil is dry when you stick your finger into it, your mandevilla needs more water and you should adjust your watering schedule.

When Should Mandevilla Be Planted?

Plant your mandevilla vine in the spring as soon as temperatures reach a consistent 60℉ (15℃). This ensures that you will get the full benefit of the entire growing season. This will also encourage your mandevilla to produce large, full, gorgeous blooms. You can plant your vines later in the season, but because they do not live outside past the first chance of frost, the blooming season will be shorter.

  • Mandevilla vines should be planted as soon as temperatures rise to 60℉ (15℃).
  • The earlier you plant mandevillas, the longer they will bloom.
  • Planting mandevillas later in the year shortens their blooming season.

When planting mandevilla vines inside, virtually any time of year is appropriate. Waiting too long to plant them outside, however, usually leads to lackluster results. For a beautiful tropical vine with vibrant flowers, start them early. In regions where cold weather lingers into spring, consider starting a mandevilla indoors as a potted plant.

Is Planting a Mandevilla Vine in the Ground a Good Idea?

Mandevilla vines can be easily planted in the ground. Just make sure you choose an area that is not overgrown with anything else. The mandevilla vine does not like to be crowded with other vegetation. Don’t forget to place a trellis or decorative ladder near the area where you planted your vines. They will definitely find something to cling to one way or another, so you should choose the item.

  • Mandevilla vines are easy to plant outside.
  • Begin outdoor planting once spring temperatures consistently rise to 60℉ (15℃).
  • Dig a hole for your mandevilla twice as wide as the root ball.
  • Regardless of whether you are planting leaves or seeds, pack the soil loosely after planting.

By surrounding your transplanted mandevilla with loose soil, its roots will have an easy time taking hold. Your patience in planting will be rewarded by lush plants with brilliant, showy flowers.

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