Do Fig Trees Need Full Sun?

Fig trees need as much direct sunlight as possible to grow quality fruits. Mature plants require a minimum of 7 to 8 hours of sunlight per day. A fig tree can tolerate partial shade, but full shade and indirect sunlight are terrible for these fruit trees. So be sure your figs have a sunny spot in your garden for the best results and largest plant size.

Do fig trees need full sun?

How Many Hours of Sun Do Fig Trees Need?

Common fig trees need as much sunlight as possible. 7 hours of direct sunlight is considered the bare minimum for a healthy fig tree.

  • Fig trees need at least 7 hours of direct sunlight.
  • Fig trees prefer even more than 7 hours of direct sunlight if possible.

Figs are used to Mediterranean climates which means dry, hot summers and mild winters. They are used to having as many hours of light as possible and plenty of heat. These make for the fig tree’s ideal conditions. A mature tree that is deprived of enough sunlight will face serious difficulties in producing fruit.

Can Fig Trees Grow in Indirect Sunlight?

Indirect light will not be sufficient for your fig tree. 7-8 hours of direct natural light is the minimum that your tree needs and indirect sunlight won’t cut it. This will slowly deprive your tree of opportunities to photosynthesize as much as it needs to.

  • Fig trees cannot grow in indirect sunlight.
  • Indirect light will stunt your tree’s growth and result in worse fruit production.
  • Make sure your fig tree is planted on the south side of your home to receive full sun.

In the long run, this will result in a mature tree being unable to bear a full crop of fig fruit. And the fruit that does grow will taste less sweet since photosynthesis is a vital part of producing the sugars that make delicious fruits.

Can a Fig Tree Grow in Shade?

A fig tree can experience decent growth in partial shade and some fig cultivars do better with it than others but most fig tree varieties prefer full sun.

  • Fig trees tolerate partial shade but prefer direct light.
  • Artificial light can help augment direct light but cannot replace it.

Full shade can kill it or result in stunted fruit size during fruit production. Artificial light won’t cut it either. While artificial light can be used to increase hours of light per day and can help augment natural light, it is insufficient on its own.

What Happens if Fig Trees Don’t Get Enough Sun?

Lack of sunlight, as well as darker and colder climates, can kill your fig tree as surely as a lack of water. Issues associated with shaded fig trees include yellowing leaves, brown spots, leaf drop, and increased risk of disease. In short, your fig tree will be sickly and weak without plenty of sunlight.

  • Too little sun will make your fig tree sick and may kill it.
  • Artificial light can help supplement suboptimal sunlight but can’t make up for lack of sun long-term.
  • Provide optimal sunlight by making sure your fig tree has southern exposure.

Avoid these risks by providing a sunny spot for your fig tree. This will help with fig tree maintenance. If you worry your tree isn’t getting enough sun, you can augment sun exposure with the use of artificial light. However, the best way to provide your fig tree with enough light is to plant it where it faces south, so it receives sun throughout the day.

Can Fig Trees Get Too Much Sun?

There is not really such a thing as too much sun when it comes to fig trees. Fig leaves are hardy and can withstand heat and bright light that would scorch other plants like bananas. Thus they retain green leaves even in climates where other leaves would get brown spots.

The only thing you need to watch out for in hot weather is dry spells. High heat and low precipitation can deprive your fig tree of water. Fig trees have some drought tolerance since they are used to dry climates in summer. However, they still need a good amount of water to live and prefer their soil moist. Make sure that your fig tree is still getting plenty of water, especially in late summer.

How Much Sun Does a Fig Tree Require?

Fig trees require as much bright light as possible for ideal growth. They are used to dry and warm climates where there are long hours of sunshine in the summer. This makes them extremely resistant to leaf scorch and gives them mild drought tolerance as well. Here are the key things to remember about fig trees and sunlight:

  • 7-8 hours of light per day (direct and natural light) is the bare minimum for fig trees.
  • Indirect light and shade are not good for a fig tree.
  • You don’t need to worry about too much sun—fig trees can’t get enough of it.

Be sure to keep all of these in mind for optimum fig tree maintenance. If you find yourself with too many cloudy days, you can use artificial light to help your fig tree out a bit. Artificial light is not a replacement for the sun but can help augment sun exposure in extreme situations.

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