Do Impatiens Need Full Sun?

Impatiens prefer partial to full shade, and do not need full sun to grow and thrive. In fact, most varieties of impatiens are harmed by direct sunlight, particularly if temperatures are excessively hot. As little as 2–4 hours of filtered sun is adequate for your impatiens. There is one variety of impatiens that has been nicknamed “SunPatiens,” due to its ability to grow and flourish in direct sun. This impatiens variety is called “Vigorous Impatiens,” and is the only one you need to provide full sun for on a regular basis.

Do impatiens need full sun?

How Many Hours of Sun Do Impatiens Need?

Impatiens flourish in a mere 2–4 hours of filtered sunlight or dappled shade. They really don’t need any hours of full sun as it is not necessary for them to reach their full potential. For the little sun they need, morning sun is usually preferred. The morning sun is milder, and this reduces the risk of your impatiens getting sun-scorched.

  • Impatiens only need 2–4 hours of sun daily.
  • Sunlight for impatiens does not have to be direct, full sun.
  • Direct sunlight dries out the soil. This negatively affects impatiens since they prefer moist dirt.

Impatiens also like very moist soil, so planting them in direct sunlight can work cause problems for this flower. Direct sunlight in hot weather can dry out the soil. In shade, however, the soil has a tendency to stay moist regardless of the temperature.

Can Impatiens Grow in Indirect Sunlight?

Impatiens grow and thrive in indirect sunlight. They prefer darker areas of your garden where light filters through in an on-and-off pattern, rather than direct sun that beats right on the flowers.

  • Impatiens grow and flourish in indirect sunlight.
  • They prefer shady areas.
  • Impatiens like indirect sunlight far more than full shade.
  • A combination of indirect light and deep shade is perfect for your impatiens.

Indirect sunlight is much more pleasing to impatiens than direct sun, so you can expect good results if you plant them in an area of your garden that has a combination of deep shade and indirect light.

Can Impatiens Grow in Shade?

Impatiens can grow very well in the shade. In fact, deep shade is the environment they prefer. Their flowers will bud, grow, and thrive with hardly any direct light. With the exception of the “Vigorous Impatiens” variety, full sun is not necessary for these flowers.

  • Impatiens thrive in shade.
  • Flowers will thrive with virtually no direct light.
  • Full sun is only necessary for “Vigorous Impatiens,” a Japanese variety.
  • Impatiens are even resistant to mildew and fungal diseases that frequently target shade-loving plants.

Interestingly, impatiens demonstrate a remarkable resistance to many of the diseases that affect plants that are grown in the shade. These include fungal diseases and powdery mildew, which often plague shade-loving plants.

What Happens if Impatiens Don’t Get Enough Sun?

If impatiens get no light at all, they may grow tall and spindly. However, this usually happens only when the flowers are completely deprived of any type of light. Impatiens failing to thrive based on inadequate sunlight is not typically something you need to worry about.

  • Impatiens rarely suffer from a lack of sunlight.
  • If they are completely deprived of light, they may grow tall and spindly.
  • The Japanese “Vigorous Impatiens” variety needs full sun.

SunPatiens (Vigorous Impatiens) must have full sun, and if they are deprived of it, they will wilt, and may even die, before the end of the season. Standard impatiens will not typically suffer harm due to too little sun.

Can Impatiens Get Too Much Sun?

Impatiens can easily be damaged by too much sun. To prevent this, it is vital to plant impatiens in an area of your garden that receives minimal direct sunlight. Some gardeners try to acclimate impatiens to brighter light, but the results are not satisfactory.

  • Impatiens can suffer from too much sun.
  • It is difficult to acclimate impatiens to direct light.
  • Impatiens quickly wither and die under direct sunlight.

Too much direct sun and heat quickly causes impatiens to wilt and die, although this can also be caused by improper water conditions. These plants thrive and flower profusely in shady areas. It is best to plant them in a section of your garden with filtered light, and some deep shade during the day to protect them from sun scorch, wilting, and premature death.

How Much Sun Do Impatiens Require?

Impatiens like full shade or partial shade, and don’t require full sun to grow and flourish. Virtually all varieties of impatiens can suffer harm from direct, bright sunlight, especially if excessively hot temperatures are commonplace where you live. You can give them as little as 2–4 hours of filtered sun and they will bloom and thrive.

  • Impatiens prefer shade to sun.
  • Only SunPatiens need full sun.
  • Indirect light or dappled shade is sufficient for impatiens.

Because most flowers struggle in shady areas and require at least some direct sunlight, impatiens are the best choice for shady gardens. They allow you to grow colorful flowers in garden beds that most flowers will not tolerate.

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