Ready for Farm-to-Table Cooking at Home?

  • From Garden to Plate in Moments: Click & Grow makes farm-to-table as simple as reaching out to your indoor garden. The automated watering, light, and nutrient systems keep your plants thriving, so you always have fresh ingredients on hand.
  • Your Personal Indoor Farmers Market: Choose from 70+ plant pods to grow your favorite herbs and vegetables. Experience the joy of picking fresh produce from your kitchen and using them in your meals immediately.
  • Organic and Pesticide-Free Produce: Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your food is safe and clean. Click & Grow gardens let you grow organic, pesticide-free food right at home, providing the freshest, healthiest ingredients for your table.
  • Control Your Food Source: Having your own indoor garden means having control over your food source. With Click & Grow, you decide what to grow, and when to harvest, ensuring the perfect ingredients for your meals, every time.

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