Top 10 Father’s Day Gifts for Handyman Dads

With Father’s Day right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about Dad. If your father enjoys improving the home, lawn, or garden, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve hand-selected 10 products that we love because we believe your dad will love them too. Take a look at our list of Father’s Day gift ideas that fit a range of budgets.

Sunday Custom Lawn Plan

If your dad takes pride in growing the greenest lawn in the neighborhood, give him the gift of a Sunday lawn care subscription.

Sunday creates custom fertilizer plans tailored to your dad’s local climate, lawn size, and grass type. Even better, they deliver the perfect amount of fertilizer right to your dad’s door when it’s time to fertilize the grass. Since Sunday fertilizer is applied using only a garden hose, you don’t need to worry that Dad needs fancy tools to make the lawn even greener.

The Perfect Lawn Care Plan for Dad
Sunday Lawn Care | Custom Lawn Plan | Zero Guesswork
  • Custom Lawn Plan: Sunday provides a tailored, toxin-free solution for effortless, lush lawn care.
  • Community Impact: Switching to Sunday unites you with eco-conscious neighbors for safer, healthier neighborhoods.
  • Eco-Friendly Mission: Sunday challenges traditional, pesticide-heavy lawn care, for a cleaner backyard experience.
  • Verified Satisfaction: Countless customers trust Sunday for effective, eco-friendly lawn maintenance, devoid of traditional yard care hassles.
  • Safe and Easy Application: With Sunday, enjoy simple, animal-friendly lawn care that excludes harmful chemicals.
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LED Work Light

It doesn’t matter what kind of jobs your dad tackles in his workshop—he needs a good light source. New LED lights blow older models out of the water. They offer more light, don’t overheat, use less energy, and last longer.

This light is perfect whether you’re working on cars and motorcycles, woodworking, or tackling any other job that requires time spent in the workshop. After burning my forearm on one too many overheated work lights I switched to LEDs and haven’t looked back. The road ahead looks a lot brighter with the right light.

App-Controlled Watering Timer

Update dad’s watering schedule with a sprinkler module that can be controlled from a phone or tablet. This way, the lawn will always be watered on time, or he can simply cancel watering due to recent rainfall.

Programming an outdated sprinkler system can be even more frustrating than adjusting an old school thermostat. New app-controlled sprinklers remove all the hassle. Your dad can easily use this kit to make his lawn care job much simpler. With the app, it’s easy to change watering schedules to sprout new grass seed or ration water during a drought.

Control Watering from Your Phone
App-Controlled Watering Timer | 8 Zone | Rain Bird
  • Use your mobile device to set, monitor, and adjust watering schedules from anywhere.
  • 12 total start time options for improved watering flexibility.
  • Intuitive design with smart home compatibility.
  • Easily meet regional watering restrictions with advanced features.
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Soil Testing Kit

Whether your father is the neighborhood lawn care guru or an avid gardener, this soil testing kit will come in handy right away. It will let him know exactly how to improve the soil for better plant and grass growth.

This soil test kit includes the cost of lab analysis of soil samples. So, your father will get detailed, professional results. The soil sample is analyzed for 13 different key indicators of soil health. If anything isn’t ideal, your father will get expert recommendations for correcting the soil so plants can thrive.

Rolling Tool Cabinet

If your dad’s a lifelong handyman, he probably has more tools than he knows what to do with. Take a look at his workshop. If it’s a mess, consider getting him this steel tool cabinet.

When my father and I renovated the family farm we ended up filling three Craftsman tool cabinets. So, I mean it when I say I swear by them. Having your tools organized and at your fingertips makes every job less intimidating to tackle. So, give your dad a gift that will inspire him to take on even bigger challenges.

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Vivint Doorbell Camera

Your dad can’t be everywhere at once, but you can give him an extra set of eyes and ears to help out. The Vivint doorbell camera sends a notification when a package is delivered, keeps watch on your front porch, and actively deters package thieves.

Since this isn’t the last time you’ll be getting your dad important gifts, make sure each package that arrives home is protected. It’s a gift that is practical, keeps your dad safe, and gives him peace of mind. So, use this Father’s Day as a chance to look out for dad.

Proactively Protect Your Packages
Vivint Video Doorbell Security Camera | Home Security & Safety
  • Don't just record crime, prevent it.
  • Get instantly notified when packages are delivered.
  • Full 180°x180° frame of view, so you capture as much as possible.
  • Customize your surveillance zones to protect what matters most to you.
*The editors of Pepper's Home & Garden own a Vivint Smart Security System and highly recommend the company and their products.

High-Quality Work Gloves

Any hard working dad can tell you how difficult it is to find sturdy work gloves. He needs a pair that won’t quit before the job is through.

I learned the basics of concrete, masonry, roofing, and carpentry from my father, and he always made sure to have good gloves on-hand. That’s why I chose these Custom Leathercraft gloves. The reinforced fingertips and padded knuckles ensure these gloves will last. If you don’t believe me, check out the reviews. These gloves are tough enough to handle any abuse.

An Impressive Fruit Tree

Every gardener has considered trying their hand at growing a tree. If your dad hasn’t gotten around to it, get him started. Personally, I recommend a Honeycrisp apple tree, since they taste 10 times better off the tree than from the store.

Not only is growing a tree a rewarding experience because you get to see a young plant thrive, if it’s a fruit tree you get a reward for all your hard work. Reward your father for all the hard work he’s done by giving him a gift that will provide delicious fruit for years to come.

One of the Most Delicious Apples to Grow
Honeycrisp Apple Trees |
  • Disease resistant, so no need for harsh chemicals or spray.
  • Thrives in temperatures as low as -30 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Will produce an abundance of apples once established.
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Lawn Mower Maintenance Kit

Have you ever wondered how your dad can spend so much time mowing the lawn? If you have, you may even feel sorry for the mower that’s doing all the work. Luckily, you can keep dad’s mower running great with a maintenance kit:

Use the

link to browse for maintenance kits that fit the make and model of dad’s mower. The best kits include a new air filter, spark plug, fuel filter, oil filter, and oil. With these components, his mower will be running like new. So, your father can maintain a lawn that meets his standards.

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A Laser Measure

Laser measures beat tape measures by a mile. With this tool dad will be able to quickly measure any distance, as well as calculate area, volume, or slope instantly. If your father is a DIYer, he’ll love this tool.

My favorite feature of the laser measure is the ability to walk-off measurements from a wall. Your dad can combine this tool with old fashioned handyman techniques to get ultra-precise measurements. So, instead of replacing hard-earned skills, it makes them even more valuable.

Dad is sure to love any of these gifts on Father’s Day!

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