How to Hang Stockings on Any Fireplace [5 Unique Methods]

You can hang stockings without putting holes in your mantel by using adhesive hooks or clamp-on mantel clips. As another easy option, you can set weighted stocking holders on top of your fireplace mantel, then hang your stockings from these holders. If you have a brick fireplace without a mantel, it’s best to drive anchors and screws into the mortar between bricks to hang your stockings. After the holidays, you can remove the screws and patch the mortar in minutes. Finally, you can use a curtain rod installed under your mantel to quickly hang a row of stockings.

How to hang stockings on fireplace

5 Methods to Hang Stockings on Your Fireplace

Stockings are an essential element of holiday decor. However, making sure you can hang stockings that will remain in place even when they’re stuffed full of gifts can be a challenge. Luckily, there are several secure ways to hang your Christmas stockings, many of which don’t require any screws or nails.

Adhesive Hooks

Removable, adhesive-backed hooks are an excellent choice for hanging stockings on your fireplace without putting holes in your mantel. Adhesive hooks are great for wood, drywall, and some stone surfaces. However, they’re not great at adhering to brick, so you may want to choose a different method depending on what your fireplace is made of.

  • Stick these adhesive hooks to your fireplace surround or mantel to securely hang stockings.
  • Adhesive hooks work well on drywall, wood, and smooth stone finishes.
  • The adhesive backing on hooks will not adhere well to brick.
  • Use garland to decorate your fireplace and hide the plastic hooks.

In order to hide a row of adhesive hooks, string garland around your fireplace. This way, your stockings will look like they’re floating and you won’t have to worry about white plastic Command hooks ruining your Christmas decor.

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Mantel Clips

We love these mantel clips with dual hooks. They allow you to securely hang stockings without drilling any holes in your mantel. They also have an adjustable design which allows you to securely clamp them to your mantel. Then, you can hang your stockings with ease.

  • Adjustable mantel clips clamp securely onto almost any fireplace mantel but don’t cause any holes or damage.
  • You can securely hang stockings on mantel clips without fear of your stockings falling.
  • Dual-hook mantel clips make it easy to decorate your fireplace with lights, tinsel, or garland.

Because the mantel clips we chose have dual hooks, you can easily string garland, lights, or any decor you choose along your mantel. Not only will this allow you to hide the hooks if you don’t want to see them, but it also enables you to customize your festive fireplace look.

Stocking Holders

Weighted stocking holders are a fast, easy, and attractive way to hang stockings quickly and securely. Stocking holders come in several different designs and are weighted like paperweights. Simply place the holder on your mantel and hang your stocking from the hook on the front of the holder.

  • This set of decorative stocking holders makes hanging stockings quick and easy.
  • When using stocking holders, all you have to do is arrange the holders on your mantel and hang your stockings from the provided hooks.
  • This solution works for all types of fireplace mantels.

You can choose large decorative holders or small ones, depending on your preferred look. It’s a great idea to mix and match so your family’s fireplace has a unique holiday appearance. Plus, stocking holders can be used to hang stockings in places other than your fireplace.

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Masonry Anchors and Screws

If you have a brick fireplace with no mantel, you can use masonry anchors and screws to hang your stockings without doing any permanent damage to your home’s appearance. This may not seem possible, but it is. Just follow these steps to hang stockings on brick:

  • Plan where you want each stocking to hang.
  • Mark hanging locations on the mortar between bricks, not the bricks themselves.
  • Drill a hole at each marked location using the small drill bit included in this masonry screw kit.
  • Use a hammer to gently tap one of the small, blue anchors from the kit into each drilled hole.
  • With a screwdriver or drill, drive one of the small screws from the kit partway into each masonry anchor.
  • Hang your stockings on the screws.
  • When it comes time to take down the stockings, back out the screws and use pliers to pull the masonry anchors out.
  • Patch the holes in the mortar with this tube of easy mortar repair.

This process allows you to hang stockings directly on brick during the holidays, but by patching afterward no one will be able to tell you once had screws driven into your brick wall. It’s an amazing solution.

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Curtain Rod

Instead of hanging stockings on individual hooks, it’s a great idea to use a curtain rod to do the job. For this technique, follow these steps:

  • Select a curtain rod that can be adjusted to the length of the fireplace mantel.
  • Install the curtain by attaching the curtain rod holders to the front or underside of the mantel.
  • String your stockings along the curtain rod, then place them on the curtain rod holders.

This secure way to hang stockings can be extremely stylish and fun. You can wrap lights or garland around the curtain rod for added flair.

How Do You Attach Christmas Stockings to a Fireplace?

Our favorite methods for attaching stockings to a fireplace are:

  • Use adhesive-backed hooks to easily hang stockings wherever you want.
  • Try adjustable mantel clips with stocking hooks—they grip your mantel without any damage.
  • Place weighted stocking holders on top of your mantel, then hang stockings from them.
  • Drive screws into the mortar between bricks to hang stockings on brick fireplaces.
  • Install a curtain rod above your fireplace to hang stockings in a row.

These decor methods will put you in the holiday spirit and provide an excellent way to hang your stockings. All of our methods are fast, secure, and don’t require you to patch and repaint a mantel after you take your stockings down.

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