How to Hang a Wreath on Brick [Interior and Exterior Tips]

To hang a wreath on a brick wall without drilling, set a brick clip in place before securing the wreath with zip ties. This no-drill solution works great for interiors and is suitable for exterior wreaths where the weather is mild. For a more secure wreath in exterior settings, set masonry screws into the mortar between bricks, then zip tie the wreath to the screws.

How to hang a wreath on brick

How Do You Hang a Wreath on Brick Without Drilling?

You can hang a wreath on your brick wall without drilling any holes by following this simple method. The following steps work great for interior spaces with painted brick walls, as well as exterior wreaths that won’t be exposed to high winds. You can hang a wreath weighing up to 15 pounds (7 kilos) by following the steps below.

Choose Your Wreath’s Position

Before you begin, decide where your wreath would look best. A low wreath over a fireplace provides a homey look, while a high wreath adds decorative flair. If you opt for a high wreath positioning, use a ladder to safely hang your wreath.

Use Brick Clips

Once you’ve chosen the position for your wreath, fit one of these brick clips to the brick. Brick fasteners are designed to fit standard-sized bricks. To attach one, simply hook the tabs at the bottom of the clip under the lower edge of the brick, then fit the top of the clip over the top of the brick. In just a few seconds you’ll have a sturdy hook without drilling or damaging your brick.

Secure Your Wreath with a Zip Tie

Many decorative wreaths come equipped with a loop or slot for easy hanging. If this is the case for you, simply hook the loop onto the brick clip and your job is done. If your wreath doesn’t have a loop of its own, create one by looping a zip tie in a hidden place at the back of your wreath. You can then loop the zip tie over the brick clip.

Decorate Your Wreath

Decorate your wreath after hanging it on a brick wall

Now that you’ve successfully hung your wreath without drilling holes in your brick, you can complete the process of decorating your wreath. Use a hot glue gun to attach a bow to the wreath. Alternatively, you spiral festive lights around your wreath to illuminate your decor.

How Do You Hang a Wreath on Brick Outside?

Although there are many cases where brick clips can be used to hang wreaths outside, this might not be possible if you live in an area with wind, snow, and other inclement weather. If this is the case, drilling a hole into the wall to secure the wreath with screws is the best bet. Just follow these steps to get the job done securely and safely.

Choose a Place for Your Wreath

When hanging a wreath outside, you’re more likely to choose a high place than inside. So, choose the position carefully. Make sure you can safely position a ladder in order to perform the following steps and hang the wreath. If possible, enlist an assistant to help keep the ladder steady when hanging a wreath in a high position.

Pre-Drill a Pilot Hole in Mortar

Once you’ve chosen a place for your wreath, drill a pilot hole so that you can set your screw into place. The best place to drill the pilot hole is in a mortar joint between two bricks. The hole should be 1–2 inches (2.5–5 cm) deep. To make judging depth easier, measure the bit and place a piece of tape around the bit at the 2-inch mark so you will drill to the appropriate depth.

  • Use this masonry screw set with included bit to easily drill holes.
  • Choose a mortar joint between bricks to drill your pilot hole.
  • Drill a pilot hole that is 1–2 inches (2.5–5 cm deep).
  • Wear eye protection when drilling pilot holes.

Drilling into mortar or brick is dusty business. Wear eye protection to prevent mortar dust from blowing back into your eyes. There are few things worse than being blinded with mortar dust while balancing at the top of a ladder.

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Drive in Your Masonry Screw

Drive one of the masonry screws included with the drill bit into the pilot hole you made in Step 2. Do not drive the screw in fully. Leave ½ inch (1 cm) of the screw protruding from the brick. This will serve as your “hook” for hanging the wreath.

  • Drive a self-tapping masonry screw into the pilot hole.
  • Allow ½ inch (1 cm) of the screw to protrude from the hole so you can hang the wreath.
  • If the screw is loose in the hole, secure it with this adhesive.

Old mortar between bricks may crumble when drilling and driving in screws. If the screw is loose in the hole, remove the screw, squirt some heavy-duty adhesive into the hole, and then re-insert the screw. Allow the adhesive to dry before hanging your wreath.

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Hang Your Wreath

Hanging a wreath on a brick wall outside

Now that the screw is set, it’s time to hang your wreath. If the wreath has a sturdy hook, use this to hang the wreath. Check the position, rotating or adjusting the wreath as necessary. You will secure it in place in the next step.

Secure Your Wreath with Zip Ties

Once you are satisfied with the position of the wreath, use these zip ties to secure the wireframe or hook of the wreath to the shank of the screw. Tighten the zip tie between the screw head and the brick wall.

  • Secure the wreath to the screw with a zip tie to ensure the wreath stays in place.
  • Once the zip tie is tightened, snip off any excess zip tie that may mar the appearance of your wreath.
  • Add another screw to secure the wreath for extra stability.

If you feel that one screw isn’t enough to hold your wreath in place, repeat the previous steps to insert a second screw at the bottom of the wreath. By securing your wreath to a screw at both the top and bottom, the wreath will remain securely in place throughout the holiday season.

Plan to Repair Pilot Holes

If you are concerned about the holes drilled in the mortar, don’t worry. One of the reasons it’s best to set screws into mortar instead of the bricks themselves is because mortar is easy to patch. Here’s how to do it:

  • After removing your wreath, remove the screws as well.
  • Use this mortar patching product to fill the pilot holes.
  • Once the mortar patch is set, it’s structurally sound and can be drilled at a later date for new pilot holes.

The best thing about patching mortar is that the patch can be treated just like the rest of the mortar. If you want to hang another wreath in the same place at a later date, just drill a pilot hole through the patched mortar and repeat the process above.

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Can You Put Command Strips on Brick?

Command strips are not effective at holding items on a brick wall. Because brick is porous, the adhesive on the strip will not make full contact with the brick. This means the command strip is prone to falling off when the weight of a wreath or other decorative object is hung on it. For brick walls, use brick clips or masonry screws to hold decor. An adhesive hook is a poor choice for brick surfaces.

What Can You Use to Hang a Wreath on Brick?

When hanging a wreath on a brick wall, your best options are to use bricks clips or to drill pilot holes and set masonry screws into the mortar joints between bricks. Brick clips are great for hanging wreaths indoors because they require no drilling and do not cause any damage to brick. For exterior wreaths, brick clips may not be strong enough to hold securely during windy weather. In these cases, drill a pilot hole in the mortar between bricks, then drive a masonry screw into this hole to serve as a hook. Don’t worry, the hole in the mortar can easily be patched when you take your wreath down.

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