How to Keep Raspberries Fresh

To keep your raspberries fresh for as long as possible, avoid washing them until just before you eat them. The excess moisture from washing makes raspberries spoil faster. However, dipping raspberries quickly into a vinegar-and-water solution can actually increase the shelf life of the berries. 

When storing your raspberries, make sure to line the storage container with a paper towel to wick away moisture and prevent spoilage. Check on your raspberries—if any berries in the container are going bad, throw them out before mold can spread to the rest of the berries. Finally, freeze raspberries so that they remain good for months instead of days.

How to keep raspberries fresh

5 Tips to Keep Raspberries Fresh

Raspberries spoil quickly due to excess moisture. However, you can rely on a number of tricks to wick away the extra moisture and keep your berries fresh. Below, we’ll cover the 5 best tips to prevent raspberries from spoiling:

Skip the Wash

Excess moisture can lead to quicker mold growth on fresh raspberries. You can avoid this by skipping the cold water bath before storing your berries. Berries should be stored as-is, whether you picked them off your own container-grown raspberry plant or purchased them from a store. Follow the best way to wash raspberries just before you eat them. This increases the storage life of your fresh berries.

Vinegar Bath

You can help your raspberries stay fresh longer by using a vinegar bath. To do this, dip your raspberries in a solution of 3 parts water to 1 part white vinegar. Be sure not to soak them in vinegar to avoid your fresh berries gaining a vinegar flavor. After removing them from the vinegar bath, dry your raspberries with a paper towel before storing them. This process adds 1–2 days of fresh storage for your berries.

Store Your Berries Properly

When storing raspberries in your refrigerator, begin by lining an airtight container with a paper towel. The paper towel will wick away excess moisture and keep berries dry and fresh. Once the container is lined, store the raspberries inside in a single layer. Prevent stacking raspberries to avoid crushed and spoiled berries. Finally, store the container in the crisper drawer of your refrigerator for the longest shelf life.

Toss Out Bad Berries Immediately

Mold spores can spread easily between moldy berries and fresh berries. Once mold spreads, an entire batch of berries can be ruined. To prevent this, toss out moldy raspberries as soon as you find them. A few moldy raspberries can be thrown away. Other berries in the same container are still safe to eat as long as they are mold-free.


Fresh raspberries only stay good for a few days, but frozen berries will stay good for up to a year. While not quite as fresh as raspberries straight from the raspberry patch, frozen raspberries have an unmatched shelf life. So, if you have raspberries you won’t be able to use within the next 2–3 days, consider freezing them in airtight containers or bags. Frozen berries are great for cooking or making smoothies.

How Long Can Raspberries Stay Out of the Fridge?

Raspberries will only last one day at room temperature. Any longer than that and you’ll have to check for signs of mold. Do not leave your raspberries out of your fridge any longer than you have to. Even then, it’s best to only leave them out for as long as it takes to wash them and dry them with a clean dish towel. 

  • Raspberries go bad within 24 hours at room temperature.
  • Don’t leave berries out of your fridge for longer than it takes to wash and dry them.

The only exception to this rule is if you’re drying or dehydrating raspberries. In such a circumstance, be sure to follow dehydration instructions carefully and closely. Using a dehydrator wrong can easily lead to spoiled fruit. 

Why Do Raspberries Spoil So Fast?

The most common causes of spoiled raspberries are moisture and mold spores. Moist fruits are particularly susceptible to mold growth and raspberries are especially vulnerable after a few hours. Thus the most common method for avoiding spoilage is to control excess moisture. 

  • Raspberries spoil quickly due to excess moisture promoting mold growth.
  • Make sure to wick away as much moisture as possible to keep raspberries fresh the longest.

It’s often best to take raspberries out of their original container and place them in an airtight container. This prevents excess moisture from getting in. Then it’s best to add an absorbent towel to soak up excess moisture. These two tips keep berries away from moisture, which prevents fast spoilage. 

How Do You Keep Raspberries Fresh Longer?

Raspberries are delicate berries that go bad quickly when exposed to excessive amounts of moisture. You’ll want to do everything you can to keep your berries dry as long as possible. Just keep these handy tips in mind to keep your berries fresh for the maximum shelf life:

  • Avoid washing berries in cool water until it’s time to eat them.
  • Dip them in a vinegar-and-water mixture to seal in freshness.
  • Store berries in an airtight container with an absorbent towel.
  • Toss out any bad berries ASAP.
  • Make frozen raspberries to avoid having to worry about quick spoilage.
  • Raspberries can only survive at room temperature for a day.
  • Raspberries spoil quickly because of excess moisture.

With these tips, you’ll help your berries stay fresh for as long as possible. Remember: it’s highly recommended that you freeze your raspberries quickly for the greatest shelf life.

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