How Much Light Does a Peace Lily Need?

While your peace lily can survive in a variety of conditions, it will grow best in partial shade. Ideally, a peace lily should receive low to moderate light during the winter and fall seasons, and moderate to bright indirect light throughout summer and spring. An average of 10-12 hours of indirect sunlight a day is sufficient. In addition to sunlight, a peace lily can also grow under fluorescent lights. 16–18 hours of fluorescent light is necessary to keep your peace lily healthy.

How much light does a peace lily need?

How Many Hours of Light Does a Peace Lily Need?

Your peace lily’s sunlight needs will vary from season to season. It will demand the most light during summer and spring when it is actively growing. Because it hibernates in the winter and fall, it doesn’t require as much light during the cooler months. If your peace lily is in a brighter location, like a room where it receives ample natural light, it will thrive with 10-12 daily hours of sunlight exposure. 

  • More light is required in summer and spring, less in fall and winter.
  • If growing in natural sunlight, 10-12 hours per day is ideal.
  • If growing under fluorescent lights, 16-18 hours per day is best.
  • More light means larger growth and more flowers.

If your peace lily is being grown under fluorescent lights, it is best to give it 16-18 hours of light per day. The more light your peace lily receives, the larger it will grow, and the more likely it will be to flower.

Should You Put Your Peace Lily in Direct Sunlight?

Your peace lily should be grown in indirect sunlight, rather than direct sunlight, to encourage the best bloom. Because they are adapted to grow on the forest floor, the peace lily is used to filtered, indirect light. Its green leaves and white flowers are sensitive, and direct sunlight can cause them to dry out. For example, if you place a single plant right in front of a large, south-facing window, it could receive too much direct sunlight, causing it to wilt or scorch.

  • Avoid putting your peace lily in direct sunlight.
  • Filter light through a curtain or shade.
  • Place your peace lily a few feet away from a window, rather than right next to it.
  • Avoid south-facing windows.
  • If possible, position your peace lily near an east or west-facing window.

When growing peace lilies as indoor plants, search for a location that receives indirect light, or light that has been filtered through a curtain or shade. You can also protect your peace lily from direct sunlight by placing it a few feet away from a bright window. Placing it near a west or east-facing window is another ideal solution. Making sure your peace lily is protected from direct sunlight will help to optimize its growth and reduce the risk of burning it.

How Do You Know If Your Peace Lily Has Enough Sunlight?

There are several telltale signs that indicate your peace lily isn’t getting the right amount of light. If your plant starts to become leggy, it needs more sunlight. Small, yellowing, pale leaves, a lack of flowers, or dull or greenish flowers are also signs that your peace lily is spending too much time in the shade. 

  • Leggy growth and small yellow leaves indicate the plant isn’t getting enough light.
  • Dull, greenish flowers, or a lack of flowers also mean your plant needs more light.
  • Yellow or browning leaves and burnt leaves or flowers mean too much sunlight.
  • Check the soil; if it’s dry despite being watered, your plant is getting too much sun.

Peace lilies can also suffer from too much sunlight. If you notice droopy leaves that are yellow or brown, or leaves or flowers with crispy brown edges, your plant is getting too much direct sunlight. Another easy way to determine this is by examining your plant’s soil. If it is very dry despite watering it, the sun is too strong. Experiment by putting your peace lily in different areas of the room or building until you find a spot where it thrives.

Can a Peace Lily Grow in Fluorescent Light?

Peace lilies can grow in fluorescent light. This makes it an excellent choice for office buildings and rooms with little-to-no natural light. However, even under fluorescent lighting, there are ways to optimize a peace lily’s growth. Your peace lily should get about 16-18 hours of fluorescent light per day. You can set lights to a timer to make sure this happens.

  • Your peace lily can thrive in fluorescent light.
  • Make sure it gets 16-18 hours of fluorescent light per day.
  • Set a timer to make sure the lights stay on long enough.
  • Elevate your plant on a table or filing cabinet; don’t leave it on the floor.

Your peace lily will grow better if it’s closer to the light source. For example, if you have overhead fluorescent lights, it’s best to elevate your peace lily on a desk, table, or file cabinet, rather than attempting to grow it on the floor. If you follow these steps, it will be easy for your peace lily to flourish under fluorescent lights.

Will a Peace Lily Plant Grow in Shade?

Peace lilies grow well in partial shade but will die in heavy shade. Peace lilies have been popular house plants for ages, which means they’ve adapted to a variety of growing conditions. For this reason, your peace lily can and will grow in a shady or dimly lit room. However, it won’t survive if it is left in a dark corner for long. Plants need sunlight for photosynthesis, or they will starve. As long as your peace lily receives 10–12 hours of indirect sunlight or 16–18 hours of fluorescent light daily, it should continue to grow.

  • Your peace lily can survive in partial shade.
  • Your peace lily cannot survive in heavy shade and has light requirements.
  • As long as your peace lily has 10 or more hours of indirect light daily, it will grow.

Because they are used to growing on the forest floor, under the canopy of larger plants and trees, peace lilies can grow in shady conditions. This makes them a popular houseplant. They are far more adaptable to low light and artificial light conditions than other plants.

Do Peace Lilies Need a Lot of Sunlight?

The ideal growing conditions for your peace lily are 10-12 hours of daily indirect sunlight. It can also thrive under fluorescent lights, assuming it gets at least 16-18 hours of light per day. Avoid direct sunlight to prevent your plant from becoming dried out or damaged. Experiment with placing your peace lily in different locations until you find an ideal spot that encourages maximum growth and flowering.

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