How Much Water Do Geraniums Need?

The rule of thumb is to water geraniums whenever the topsoil is dry to the touch. Hardy geraniums can stand dry soil for longer than wet soil. Thus, it’s always safer to let the soil dry out between geranium plant waterings. Water geraniums until the soil is very moist but not soaked. Make sure there are plenty of drainage holes to let excess water out if watering potted geraniums.

How much water do geraniums need?

How Often Should You Water Geraniums?

In general, water your geraniums 1–2 times per week. However, geranium watering needs can change depending on climate, weather, and other important factors. A zonal geranium in late summer will need more watering than perennial geraniums in winter. The easiest and cheapest way to tell when geraniums need water is to stick your finger in the soil. If the top 2 inches (5 cm) of soil are dry, it’s time to water.

  • Water geraniums whenever the top 2 inches (5 cm) of soil are dry to the touch.
  • You can track moisture with a moisture meter if you don’t want to get your hands dirty.

Another method is to use a soil moisture meter to track soil moisture levels. Use this moisture meter to keep track of when your container geraniums need more water. Wait until the needle is in the upper end of the “dry” section before watering. Water until the needle points to the upper end of the “moist” section. Do not let it enter the “wet” section.

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Should You Water Geraniums Every Day?

You should not water geraniums every day unless the soil they are planted in is drying out that quickly. Geraniums grow best when their soil is allowed to dry out between waterings. Keeping the soil moist at all times runs the risk of overwatering. It can be hard to know when the soil is ready for more water if you don’t let it dry out.

  • Geraniums typically shouldn’t be watered every day.
  • Allow your geraniums’ soil to dry out between waterings.
  • If the soil is still moist from a precious watering or rainfall, delay watering your geraniums.
  • In extreme heat, the soil may dry out in one day. In this case, it’s okay to water your geraniums daily.

Take proper care to ensure that geraniums in pots or larger containers are drying out between waterings. Do not water if the soil is still moist from the last watering. Preventing the soil from drying out between waterings can cause several geranium diseases.

Can You Overwater Geraniums?

It’s very easy to overwater geraniums. If you’re trying to maintain moist soil, you can easily add too much water to the point that the soil becomes wet. Geraniums react badly to wet soil. In fact, the excess moisture can cause health issues for your plant and prevent growth. Overwatering is less of an issue in hot summers but can be a big issue in cool and/or wet months. Overwatering can increase the danger of frost death. This is less of an issue for annual geraniums, since they don’t survive the winter. 

  • It is easy to overwater geraniums, which can cause plant diseases.
  • True geraniums hate to be in wet soil and prefer soil to dry out fully between waterings.
  • Give your geraniums loose soil and proper drainage to minimize the risk of overwatering.

It’s important to plant geraniums in well-draining soil. True geraniums need loose soil to ensure that any excess water drains away quickly to maintain their health. If you are growing geraniums in pots, use high-quality potting soil.

How Do You Know If Your Geraniums are Underwatered?

Geraniums that are suffering from a lack of water will begin to wilt. Then, their leaves will turn yellow. If uncorrected, this can result in dead flowers. This is especially tragic since geranium blooms are lovely and you don’t want these showy flowers to lose their blooms. 

  • Underwatered geraniums wilt and the leaves will turn yellow.
  • If wilting plants aren’t rescued with water, they will quickly die.
  • Be sure to reintroduce ideal water conditions quickly to return your geraniums to full health.

If your geranium is underwatered, reintroduce a consistent watering schedule. Ensure adequate water is being provided and track the soil moisture daily. If you maintain ideal moisture conditions for a few weeks, your geraniums should bounce back.

Do Geraniums Like Rain?

Rain is great for all types of geraniums but be sure to pull them out of the rain before they get overwatered. Rainwater is especially pure and mineral-free. Plants often crave water without additional minerals. However, geraniums can drown if there is too much water present. 

  • Geraniums benefit from rainwater because of its purity.
  • Be sure to bring your geranium plants in from the rain before they get overwatered.
  • Consider collecting rainwater and using it to water your geraniums,

One potential option is to capture the rainwater and then dole it out to geraniums as you see fit. This will allow you to control how much water they are given, which minimizes the chance of overwatering. A bucket collecting water from a gutter gives you a supply of fresh rainwater perfect for watering your geraniums.

How to Water Geraniums

It’s best to water both perennial and annual geraniums whenever their soil is dry to the touch. While popular types of geraniums love moist soil, it’s safe to wait for it to dry. This will reduce the chance of overwatering and will be a more reliable indicator than inches of water per week. How much water geraniums need can change depending on factors like hot weather and access to direct sunlight. Let’s go over some key tips for watering geraniums:

  • Let geraniums dry out between waterings.
  • Water once the top 2 inches (5 cm) of soil are dry to the touch.
  • Don’t water geraniums every day unless the soil fully dries between waterings.
  • It’s incredibly easy to overwater geraniums if you don’t allow them to dry out between waterings.
  • You’ll know if your geraniums are underwatered because their leaves will turn yellow.
  • Provide rainwater for your geraniums whenever possible.

By following these tips, you’ll feed your geraniums with all the water they need. Proper care of geraniums results in more blooms that are more brightly colored. So, your plant will reward your hard work with an excellent show of blossoms.

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