How Often Do Peace Lilies Bloom?

Peace lilies bloom twice a year, first in spring and again in fall. Each peace lily plant produces 1–2 striking white blooms which can last for over a month if cared for properly. Many plants will already be in bloom when purchased from a nursery or plant shop, even if purchased during the dormant season. This is because many retail plants are treated with chemicals to make them bloom earlier than they naturally would.

How often do peace lilies bloom?

When Do Peace Lilies Bloom?

Peace lilies have two growing seasons: one in the spring, and one in the fall. During these periods, the popular houseplant will bloom, producing beautiful white flowers that contrast with the plant’s deep green leaves. Peace lilies can take over a year to bloom naturally, but retailers want to entice buyers by selling blooming plants. For this reason, many commercial growers use a chemical hormone called gibberellic acid to force peace lilies to bloom prematurely.

  • Peace lilies bloom in the spring and summer.
  • Growers treat immature plants with gibberellic acid to force premature blooms.
  • Your plant will need to reach maturity (about one year of age) before it blooms again.

Even if your plant is in bloom when you purchase it, it is most likely an immature plant. If it doesn’t bloom again in the first several months you own it, don’t lose hope. It just needs to reach maturity before it flowers for you.

Do Peace Lilies Bloom More Than Once?

When properly cared for, peace lilies should have a bloom period every year. Depending on the variety, some may bloom only once a year, but most popular varieties will bloom in the spring and fall. Young plants will not flower naturally. It can take plants a year or more before they’re able to bloom.

  • Peace lilies bloom every year, up to twice a year.
  • Plants must be at least one year old before they produce flowers.
  • If your plant has never bloomed or is experiencing poor growth, make sure it’s getting the right amount of sunlight, water, and heat.

If your peace lily is more than a year old and has never produced a flower, it’s time to look at its growing conditions. Is it getting enough water and adequate light or too much direct sunlight? Is it at the right temperature or going through temperature fluctuations? Often, once these factors are fixed, the plant will experience healthy growth.

How Long Do Peace Lily Flowers Last?

Peace lily flowers last 1–2 months. When they first bloom, they will be pale green, and stand straight up into the air. As they mature, the blooms develop their characteristic milky white color. As they die, the spathe, or petal-like white part of the plant, will turn yellow or green. The bloom will then wilt and become brown around the edges.

  • Peace lily flowers typically last 1–2 months.
  • When they first bloom, flowers are light green, before turning milky white.
  • As they begin to die, the flowers will turn yellow or green before it wilts.
  • Once a flower has died, trim it from the stem to promote new growth.

Once a bloom has died, it’s best to trim the flower from its stem. This encourages the lily plant to spend its energy on its living leaves and blooms. Pruning your peace lily also keeps it looking attractive and well-maintained.

What Happens When a Peace Lily Loses All Its Flowers?

A healthy, mature plant will produce and then lose its flowers 1–2 times per year. This is completely natural, and a part of the plant’s life cycle. Once the flowers have died, use pruning shears to remove the dead blooms from the bottom of the stem, near the root. If properly maintained and cared for, new flowers are likely to sprout up again in the next growing season.

  • Growing and losing flowers 1–2 times per year is part of the plant’s natural life cycle.
  • Once flowers have died, use pruning shears to remove them.
  • If your peace lily was forced to prematurely bloom before you purchased it, it may take up to a year to naturally flower.
  • Plants more than 5–10 years of age may become too old to produce flowers.

If a peace lily was prematurely forced to bloom using a growth hormone called gibberellic acid, it may take up to a year before it’s able to naturally produce flowers again. Additionally, if you have a very mature plant that has not produced flowers recently, this may be an indication that it is too old to bloom. Older plants may lack the energy to flower, even during the productive spring and fall seasons. This typically happens when your peace lily reaches 5–10 years old.

How Do You Get Your Peace Lily to Bloom Again?

If your peace lily is mature, but not blooming, it could be due to its growing environment. Make sure your peace lily is getting at least 10–12 hours of indirect natural sunlight, or 16–18 hours of fluorescent light each day. Water your plant at least once a week, but give the soil time to dry out in between waterings to avoid excess water. If your peace lily plant looks droopy, give it some water. Keep your plant away from cold temperatures. Peace lilies grow best in a climate of approximately 65–85℉ (18–29℃).

  • Make sure your peace lily gets 10–12 hours of indirect sunlight or 16–18 hours of fluorescent light daily.
  • Water your plant weekly, giving it time to dry out in between.
  • Keep your plant in a room that is 65–85℉ (18–29℃).
  • Avoid cold drafts near windows.
  • Prune dead brown leaves and flowers to encourage new growth.
  • Be patient—plants may only flower once per year.

Make sure dead leaves, flowers, and stems are pruned, so the plant knows to direct its energy to its living stems. Most of all, be patient. Your plant may only bloom once per year, but if it’s properly cared for, your patience will pay off.

When Should Your Peace Lily Begin Blooming?

Peace lily plants produce beautiful white flowers once or twice a year, in the spring and/or fall. Although young plants may be purchased already in bloom, this is usually because they’ve been treated with an artificial growth hormone called gibberellic acid. Your young plant will probably not flower again until it’s at least a year old.

  • Peace lilies bloom up to 2 times per year.
  • Proper peace lily care will lead to your plant blooming once in spring and once in fall.
  • If you purchased a blooming peace lily it has likely been treated with hormones to bloom early.
  • Most store-bought peace lilies require a year of cultivation before they bloom again.
  • Peace lily blooms last 1–2 months if the plant is properly cared for.

If they’re well taken care of, peace lilies will bloom yearly, producing flowers that last for up to two months. If your plant is not producing flowers, make sure it’s getting the right amount of indirect sunlight, proper water requirements, and consistent temperatures for its growth. Once you’ve found its ideal growing conditions, your peace lily should generate beautiful flowers for years to come.

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