Lawn Care

Thinking of spreading new grass seed? Unsure why your lawn’s been struggling lately? We’ll teach you how to establish seed or sod so it becomes self-sufficient. Then, we’ll cover fertilizing for long-term grass growth. Our mowing, edging, and annual lawn care guides will help you build a green-lawn schedule. We also have specific articles for your region and grass type. Once you’ve got a few tips down, you’ll find that caring for your lawn is easier than ever before. After all, healthy grass keeps weeds out and thrives throughout the seasons.

Lawn Maintenance

If it cuts grass or loosens soil, we’ve got the info on how to use it. Mowing, edging, aerating, and dethatching are key to your lawn’s long-term health. Performed at the right time, they can drastically improve grass color and quality. Knowing the wrong time for these chores also helps preserve your lawn. In the event that your lawn has suffered damage, we also have techniques to repair it.

Lawn Health & Soil Management

Even the hardiest grass will suffer in the wrong conditions. Acidic soil can prevent your lawn from absorbing soil nutrients. Meanwhile, the wrong fertilizer approach can slow your grass’s growth and allow weeds to invade. With our total lawn care approach, we prioritize testing your soil to discover what it needs. Then, you’ll learn how to provide lawn nutrients that fuel grass growth and prevent weed invasion.

Lawn Establishment & Alternatives

New grass seed and sod need specialized care to survive their first few weeks. We’ll walk you through how to prepare the soil, install your new lawn, and get it to take root fast. We pride ourselves on cultivating vibrant grass from bare soil in almost any climate. Also, if you want to remove your grass and transition to alternate landscaping, we can help make that big task far simpler.

Lawn Equipment & Tools

Mowers, irrigation systems, fertilizer spreaders, and every other lawn care tool you need is covered here. We base our product reviews on items we’ve owned and tested. Our maintenance tips come from hands-on experience. As DIYers ourselves, we’re mindful of budgets and limited storage space. So, we recommend high-quality tools that have truly earned a place in your garage or garden shed.

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