Rodeo Herbicide vs Roundup [Best Aquatic Weed Killer]

Rodeo and Roundup both contain the same active ingredient—Glyphosate. This means they both have similar effectiveness in killing all types of plants and grasses. The difference is that Rodeo herbicide is designed for use in aquatic weed control, while Roundup is not. Rodeo will kill aquatic plants but will not harm fish, amphibians, and other aquatic life. Roundup is not safe for use in aquatic settings, as it may harm animal life.

If you want to kill weeds in ponds, such as cattails, alligator weed, or lilies, use Rodeo. For use killing backyard weeds and grasses, Roundup is much more convenient and useful.

Rodeo herbicide vs Roundup

Why is Rodeo Better than Roundup for Killing Aquatic Weeds?

Rodeo is a Glyphosate weed killer. This active ingredient alone is not harmful to aquatic wildlife. When mixed with a water-safe surfactant, Rodeo can safely kill pest plants in ponds and waterways without harming any fish and other animals in the water. Roundup, on the other hand, contains surfactants that are known to be harmful to aquatic wildlife. Never use Roundup as weed treatment in bodies of water.

  • Rodeo and Roundup contain the same active ingredient—Glyphosate—which makes them equally effective at killing plants down to the root.
  • This Rodeo product does not contain any surfactants, making it safe for use in aquatic settings.
  • Mix Rodeo with this water-safe surfactant to boost weed-killing power without harming wildlife.
  • Roundup contains surfactants that can harm or kill fish and other wildlife. It is not safe for use in aquatic settings.
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Surfactants are chemical compounds that cause your weed killer to stick to plants. This increases the effectiveness of the weed killer, giving you better results. Because Roundup comes pre-mixed with a surfactant that is unsafe for use near water, it cannot be mixed or modified in any way that makes it safe for aquatic weed control.

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Why is Roundup Better than Rodeo for Killing Backyard Weeds?

Roundup is a convenient and easy-to-use herbicide spray that contains fast-drying surfactants that help the weed killer stick to plants and kill them quickly. With this Roundup product, you can set to work spraying weeds in your yard immediately. In comparison, Rodeo must be diluted in water and mixed with a surfactant before it is an effective lawn weed killer.

  • Roundup is ready to use right out of the box—it is properly diluted and mixed with surfactants designed to make it extremely effective for wiping out backyard weeds.
  • Rodeo must be diluted and mixed with a surfactant before use, which makes using it for casual weed control more complex.
  • If you have already mixed and diluted Rodeo to kill aquatic weeds, that same spray can be used on lawn weeds. It’s just as effective as Roundup.

If you want to tackle backyard weeds fast, a Roundup product with 2% Glyphosate and surfactant mix will do the trick. As long as you’re not spraying it in bodies of water, it’s safe to use.

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Does Rodeo Herbicide Kill Fish?

Rodeo herbicide is not harmful to fish. Rodeo contains Glyphosate, which attacks plant growth but does not kill fish. When mixed with a water-safe surfactant, it is safe for use as an aquatic weed control treatment. Rodeo will kill lily pads, rushes, cattails, and alligator weed without harming wildlife.

Can You Spray Roundup in a Pond?

Do not use Roundup to kill plants in ponds or other waterways. Roundup contains a surfactant that can damage the eyes of fish. To protect your local wildlife, use a water-safe herbicide, such as Rodeo, in ponds, creeks, and lakes.

Which is Better: Rodeo or Roundup?

Rodeo is the top choice for weed control in ponds because it contains the same nonselective herbicide as Roundup, but doesn’t have any additional ingredients that make it harmful to aquatic wildlife. When you need to kill pond weeds, use Rodeo. Just make sure to dilute it to product label rates and mix with a water-safe surfactant.

If you aren’t killing aquatic weeds, it’s simpler to use Roundup. Roundup products come pre-mixed with surfactants and many are pre-diluted. It’s one step to start attacking weeds with Roundup, whereas Rodeo requires mixing and diluting several ingredients.

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