5 Smart Home Security Systems that are Changing the Game

If you are looking for a home security system that does far more than sound the alarm during an attempted break-in, the best options are:

  • Vivint Smart Home
  • ADT Blue
  • Wyze Home Monitoring
  • Ring Protect
  • Simplisafe

These systems can tell family members apart from strangers, detect when a window is broken, let you know as soon as there is a water leak in your home, and allow you to stream live HD video from cameras inside and outside your home at any time. With full automation and voice control, the best in-home security seamlessly integrates with your lifestyle to make safety simple.

Smart home security systems

Top 5 Automated Home Security Systems in 2023

There’s no need to punch in an alarm code every time you leave the home. Automated, smart security systems lock up with the swipe of a finger to keep your home and family safe at all times. These are the best security systems available.

Vivint Smart Home

Vivint’s industry-leading home security systems don’t just record criminal activity—they stop crime in the act. Smart camera and light systems catch potential threats on HD video, then use light and sound deterrents to scare off lurkers. This is the perfect tool for keeping your packages safe. The Vivint indoor camera also allows you to check on your home at any time and chat with family members or pets through the built-in audio tools.

  • Vivint Smart Home cameras record intruders and deter them with light and sound.
  • Indoor cameras with voice chat make it easy to check in on pets and family while you’re away from home.
  • A great app layout and seamless voice integration put Vivint at the head of the class.
  • Add-ons like glass break detectors, water leak sensors, and smoke detectors protect your home from a wide range of dangers.

The fact that your entire Vivint system can be controlled via the in-home hub, app, or voice commands puts it in an elite class. You can set automated lock, light, light and thermostat controls for your Vivint system. Total voice control integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Home makes changing these settings as simple as speaking. Plus, Vivint’s top-notch support team earned our highest grade. Vivint can personalize your smart security system to fit your family’s needs, so you’re always covered. Click this link or the button below to start your quote today.

Top-Rated Home Security System
Vivint | Smart Home Automation and Smart Home Security
  • Smart security. Professionally installed.
  • One connected system for total peace of mind.
  • Stop package theft before it happens.
  • Stream live and recorded video from anywhere.
  • Check in on your home from anywhere.

*The editors of Pepper's Home & Garden own a Vivint Smart Security System and highly recommend the company and their products.

Our Rating: 5/5

ADT Blue

ADT combines elite security products with home automation to make safety effortless. Cameras, door, and window sensors, and even thermostat and lighting controls are all conveniently located in the ADT app. So, you can always check on activity at home. Plus, ADT’s 6-month money-back guarantee allows you to test the system for yourself to make sure it’s right for you.

  • ADT has partnered with Google Nest to combine cameras, doorbell, lock, and home comfort controls in one place.
  • Motion detectors, door and window sensors, smart locks, and HD cameras make ADT bundles a top value per dollar.
  • Test ADT yourself—they offer a 6-month, money-back guarantee on their products.
  • In-app lag and high installation fees are ADT’s biggest drawbacks.

ADT’s complete integration with Google Nest is a game changer. Whether you have a Nest Doorbell, cameras, or thermostat already installed, the ADT Command system will integrate with your existing home devices. A less-than-intuitive app interface and a high initial price point are the biggest cons of ADT, but this system still delivers great results all around.

Our Rating: 4.7/5

Wyze Home Monitoring

The AI-driven cameras included in Wyze home security systems are a massive leap forward in home security technology. Instead of alerting you to all motion caught on camera, Wyze cameras recognize human faces. With Wyze Cam Protect, you can add “friendly faces” to your Wyze system. So, you’ll know exactly who entered your home and when. Plus, you can arm your system so the alarm will only sound when a stranger intrudes.

  • Wyze cameras with facial recognition technology can tell friends from foe, so you get detailed alerts.
  • The full-color night vision cameras in the Wyze product line set a new standard for security recordings.
  • Wyze does not currently offer 24/7 live customer support, so you may have to troubleshoot issues yourself at times.

Wyze has partnered with Noonlight to provide 24/7 monitoring and law enforcement dispatching, so you’ll always be protected. However, they don’t offer the same live 24/7 customer support that we expect from the top security companies. If you’re having trouble connecting your camera to the app, you may have to wait until business hours to get assistance from the Wyze team.

Our Rating: 4.6/5

Ring Protect

Ring is the leader in video doorbell technology, but their complete home security packages upgrade your safety in a major way. With Ring Protect, you can add your existing Ring doorbell to an entire suite of home security products. Cameras, door sensors, and even glass-break sensors protect your home from all types of infiltration. Ring isn’t just for the front door anymore.

  • Ring Protect is more than just a doorbell—it’s a full home security system with 24/7 monitoring.
  • You can upgrade your home security system instantly by adding Ring cameras, sensors, and monitoring, without changing your doorbell camera.
  • Ring offers home security at very competitive prices.
  • Although it works well with Amazon Alexa, Ring offers limited features when connected to Google Home.

Ring’s home alarm systems integrate with Amazon Alexa so you can arm your alarm with a voice command. Plus, when an alarm is sounded, your Amazon Echo will blare a warning to scare off intruders. This is great for Amazon customers, but might be a drawback if you use a different virtual assistant. Ring’s integration with Google Home is limited, so you won’t gain access to the full range of features. For this reason, we rank Ring lower than the more flexible security systems on this list.

Our Rating: 4.4/5

SimpliSafe Home Security

Simplisafe provides excellent security features at a budget price. With no contracts and an easy set-up, SimpliSafe makes DIY security easy. Instead of a long installation process, SimpliSafe systems can be installed out of the box with no drilling and no wires. So, you can tailor your home security setup to your needs.

  • Low cost and no contract make SimpliSafe the best budget smart home security system.
  • In-app controls and integration with Google, Amazon, and Apple products means you won’t sacrifice convenience with SimpliSafe.
  • Easy installation of outdoor cameras makes SimpliSafe very DIY-friendly.
  • The wireless-only cameras and cellular module base station can require troubleshooting during setup.

SimpliSafe’s low cost doesn’t mean you’re missing out on important features. Complete integration with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and even Apple Watch makes control easy. However, their fully wireless systems lack the reliable connectivity of hybrid wired/Wi-Fi systems. Getting and maintaining a connection to the monitoring center may require some troubleshooting during setup, which you won’t encounter when you choose a security provider that professionally installs the system in your home.

Our Rating: 4.3/5

Top 10 Home Security Features to Upgrade Your Safety

With so many home security features, it can be difficult to tell who offers the best products at top value. Below are our top ten advances in security technology that transform your home into a fortress:

Car Guard

The best add-on to any home security bundle is protection for your most easily stolen asset—your car. Vivint Car Guard adds vehicle protection to the Smart Home security system. You’ll receive an alert if your car is stolen, towed, or even bumped. Plus, GPS tracking allows you to locate your vehicle at all times. You’ll even get an alert if someone tries to remove the battery from the Car Guard module, so you can easily protect your car and monitor new teen drivers. Click the link below and start your Vivint quote today.

Keep Your Vehicle Protected at All Times
Vivint Home Smart Home Security Car Guard | GPS Tracker & Diagnostic Tool
  • Protect your vehicle, from anywhere.
  • Know if someone disturbs your car.
  • Always know where your car is.
  • Car diagnostics, all from your phone.
*The editors of Pepper's Home & Garden own a Vivint Smart Security System and highly recommend the company and their products.

Facial Recognition Technology

Don’t settle for a security system that only alerts you to intruders and movement. Upgrade to a system with facial recognition technology, like Wyze Cam Protect. Not only can your system tell the difference between friendly faces and strangers, but it can also alert you to suspicious vehicles outside your home. Inside the home, it can be used to track your pets, so you’ll know when your furry friends have entered places they shouldn’t be.

Video Doorbell

49 million Americans have a package stolen each year. The best way to prevent this from happening to you is by choosing a home security system that includes a doorbell camera. The Ring Video Doorbell alerts you when someone approaches your door and lets you know when a package has been delivered. This allows you to respond quickly to deliveries. Plus, the live video feed and stored footage allow you to investigate any suspicious activity at your front door.

Full Home Automation

To get true value out of your home security system, choose one that can be fully automated and voice-controlled. ADT Blue integrates with Google Nest so security can be controlled alongside home comforts such as thermostat, lighting, and door locks. By creating automated schedules and responding to voice commands, your home security system will make your life easier at the same time it keeps you safe.

Vivint Smart Home integrates equally well with both Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Whether you’ve already got a smart home assistant or not, you can get started with a Vivint quote today. You’ll still have the flexibility to choose the home virtual assistant that best fits your needs.

Smart Locks

These keyless, unpickable locks are more secure and convenient than a standard lock. They unlock in a fraction of a second when they detect your fingerprint. Then, they lock automatically when you leave the house. You’ll never need to worry about locking up after you leave again. Even if your keys are lost or stolen, a thief won’t be able to access your home.

Water Leak Sensor

Vivint’s water sensor can sense leaks and dangerous changes in temperature in your home. If there’s a leaking pipe, you’ll be notified immediately. If temperatures drop low enough that your pipes are at risk of freezing, your water sensor will automatically work with Vivint’s thermostat to raise the temperature and prevent burst pipes. Get started with Vivint today and add water sensors to your protection plan. This little device can save you thousands on home repairs.

Top-Rated Home Security System
Vivint | Smart Home Automation and Smart Home Security
  • Smart security. Professionally installed.
  • One connected system for total peace of mind.
  • Stop package theft before it happens.
  • Stream live and recorded video from anywhere.
  • Check in on your home from anywhere.

*The editors of Pepper's Home & Garden own a Vivint Smart Security System and highly recommend the company and their products.

Outdoor Cameras with Light and Sound Deterrents

When choosing your home security system, make sure the cameras and motion sensors take action in case of danger. Vivint outdoor cameras have been awarded our top grade because they know when they’ve spotted an intruder, can turn on outdoor lights, and even sound the alarm if the intruder doesn’t leave. Recording crime is nice, stopping it is better. Click the link to learn more about Vivint’s high-quality outdoor camera systems and get started with a quote today.

See It All, Day or Night
Vivint Outdoor Security & Surveillance Cameras
  • Sends thieves running.
  • Stop package theft before it happens.
  • Check in on your home from anywhere.
  • Be there even when you’re not.
  • Know when someone is there.
*The editors of Pepper's Home & Garden own a Vivint Smart Security System and highly recommend the company and their products.

Advanced Encryption

To prevent hackers from gaining access to your home security system, it’s essential to choose a security provider that takes encryption seriously. WiFi signals are easily hacked, so any system that links cameras directly to your wireless network won’t keep you safe. Instead, choose a security company that offers in-app camera controls and monitoring. App-controlled systems are encrypted for security. ADT’s commitment to encryption means you’ll be the only one with access to your home security cameras.

Glass Break Sensor

Door and window sensors that detect when an entrance to your home has been opened are essential, but glass break sensors set the best home security systems apart from the competition. Vivint and Ring both offer glass break sensors that let you know when glass is broken. Top-quality sensors are even smart enough to know the difference between the sound of a broken window and an accident when you drop a glass. Speak with a Vivint specialist today to learn how to add glass break sensors to your home security system.

Add an Extra Layer of Protection to Your Home
Vivint Home Security Sensors | Motion, Door, Window, and Water Sensors
  • Security sensors for every entry point.
  • Monitor doors and windows.
  • Know if a window breaks.
  • Get instant alerts to your phone.
  • Be instantly notified of any water leaks in your home.
*The editors of Pepper's Home & Garden own a Vivint Smart Security System and highly recommend the company and their products.

Indoor Camera

An indoor camera is a must for modern home security systems. It allows you to peek inside your home whenever necessary. Whether you’re checking on pets or you just received an alert of suspicious activity, the SimpliSafe indoor camera allows you to take a real-time look at your home from the app. Make sure to choose a security provider that stores security footage for up to 30 days, so you can review and save footage of any suspicious activity.

How to Choose the Best Smart Home Security System

When you are comparing home security systems to find top protection at the best price, look for:

  • Home security systems that also protect your vehicle from theft and damage.
  • Security cameras that recognize faces.
  • Video doorbells that alert you when there is a delivery.
  • Automated, voice-controlled home security.
  • Smart locks that unlock via approved fingerprints, not keys.
  • Smart products that detect leaks and automatically adjust temperatures to prevent frozen pipes.
  • Outdoor cameras that record suspicious activity and use light and sound to drive off intruders.
  • Security systems that use encrypted, in-app controls to prevent hackers from accessing your camera feeds.
  • Sensors that know when glass is broken, so you get an alert even if a door or window isn’t forced open.
  • An indoor camera that allows you to check in on your home from anywhere in the world.

Leading-edge companies offer a wide range of new security technologies that keep you safer without adding hassles and false alarms to your life. The security systems we’ve reviewed will keep your family safe and can be managed from secure applications. This combination of high-tech monitoring and ease of use makes now the best time to invest in home security.

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