Why does mulch smell like manure?

Why Does Mulch Smell Like Manure?

Mulch begins to produce a manure-like smell when it is deprived of oxygen. When mulch is kept in large piles or stored in airtight bags, the bacteria that break down mulch create methane gas. A moist environment with poor air circulation traps this methane gas, resulting in a powerful manure smell. By spreading your mulch …

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Does mulch decompose over time?

Does Mulch Decompose Over Time?

Organic mulches decompose naturally over time, adding beneficial nutrients to the soil and contributing to garden health. Whether you use bark mulch, wood chips, or an alternative organic mulch, it will eventually break down. Permanent mulches, such as rocks, rubber, or plastic mulch will not decompose over time. How Long Does it Take for Mulch …

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