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Hunter M.

Hunter M. from Pepper's Home & Garden

Hunter is our home improvement expert. His first job was flipping houses for his family’s business. Whether it’s pouring concrete, framing, flooring, roofing, painting, plumbing, or electrical work, he’s done it. So, when a friend needs to rebuild their back porch, wire a new light fixture, or tile their kitchen backsplash, he’s there to help. You can expect that same helpfulness whenever you read one of his articles.

After earning degrees in English, Hunter worked as a technical writer and on-site expert in aerospace and manufacturing. He uses a combination of hands-on experience and writing skills to craft home improvement guides that benefit all our readers.

Everything changed when Hunter took on the task of renovating a 100-acre farm in upstate New York. From updating the 1830s farmhouse, felling trees, repairing antique tractors, and improving pasture land, he tackled it all. It was at this time that we launched Pepper’s Home & Garden, so we could publish expert tips to help others complete their own dream projects.

Mike S.

Mike S. from Pepper's Home & Garden

Lawns and gardens are Mike’s expertise. Growing up in the midwest, he spent each spring in his family garden, selecting new varieties, planting annuals, and spreading mulch. Now, he cultivates his own garden full of ornamentals, fruits, and vegetables. When he’s not exercising his green thumb, he’s using every tip he’s learned to help our readers grow their own plants.

Mike took his love for lawn care beyond his own home when he worked caring for turfgrass on golf courses. There, he learned the techniques the pros use to make greens and fairways flourish. Mike’s goal is to demystify lawn care for every visitor to Pepper’s Home & Garden.

As a homegrown midwesterner, Mike knows all the ways to beat long winters. With a sleeve full of ice and snow tips that make the season simple, Mike uses the winter to cultivate his flourishing indoor garden. You can find his winter guides, plant-care tips, and product reviews across our site.


We named Pepper’s Home & Garden after our most essential (and adorable) team member. Pepper started out as a shy dog rescued from a Southern California shelter, but the second she rolled in the grass in Mike’s backyard, she was at home.

Pepper is always there to help out with home projects. Rain, shine, or snow, she charges outside for yard work. Whenever there’s a new home project, she’s there (as long as it’s safe for canines to be on the job site). Pepper’s energy and can-do attitude is our motivation to do better for our readers and their homes each day.

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