How to Use a Wasp Bomb for Under Deck [7 Steps]

To kill wasps under your deck, begin by purchasing a bug bomb that contains pesticides found in wasp-killing products. Then, turn off the electricity powering deck lighting and power outlets, since electrical sparks can set fire to insecticidal fog. Next, seal the top and sides of the deck with plastic sheeting and plywood so it is airtight, except for one entrance. Prepare your insecticide bomb by taping a piece of cardboard to the side, so that the bomb sprays upward at a 45-degree angle. Place the bomb under your deck using the one remaining entrance and set the bomb off. Immediately seal off the entrance and wait for the bomb to work before reopening it. The wasps will be trapped under the deck with the bug bomb, which will kill the entire nest.

Wasp bomb for under deck

Do Bug Bombs Work On Wasps?

Bug bombs are effective at killing wasps and other stinging insects. Whether you’ve got yellowjackets, paper wasps, or hornets nesting under your deck a bug bomb will kill them if used properly. The pesticides in bug bombs are effective against nearly all species of insects. So, you may be able to solve the problem with the help of a bug bomb, instead of a professional exterminator.

Can You Bug Bomb Under a Deck?

It is both safe and effective to use a bug bomb under a deck, as long as you follow the proper preparation steps. Although bug bombs are typically designed for use indoors, they can be repurposed for use under a deck. Read on for our tips on how to kill wasps under your deck by using a bug bomb.

7 Steps to Use a Wasp Bomb Under Your Deck

A wasp nest under your deck is a nuisance. It can make your outdoor space difficult to enjoy, since there is always the threat of getting stung. However, you can kill wasps under your deck by following these steps:

Choose Your Wasp Bomb

Most commercial bug bombs are effective against wasps. In fact, this bug bomb is a great choice. It contains the pesticides tetramethrin and cypermethrin, both of which are commonly found in wasp-killing sprays. This means the bomb or “fogger” will also be effective for killing the wasps nesting under your deck.

  • You can kill wasps with a bug bomb designed for roaches, ants, and other pest insects.
  • Choose a bug bomb with tetramethrin and cypermethrin, since these pesticides kill wasps.
  • Inspect the labels of wasp spray and bug bombs to choose a bomb with the same active ingredients found in wasp-killing products.

If you’re searching for a bug bomb for use under your deck, a home and garden store is a good place to start. Look at the active ingredients listed on wasp-killing products. Take note of the names of these ingredients. Then, look at the store’s selection of bug bombs. Choose a bug bomb product that has the same active ingredients found in wasp-killing sprays.

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Turn Off Electricity to Deck Lights

If you have lights, power outlets, or other electrical systems under, on, or near your deck, you must shut off the flow of electricity to them before using a bug bomb. Any sort of electrical spark can ignite the aerosol spray from the bug bomb, which can cause a serious fire. So, it’s best to locate your home’s circuit panel and shut off the electricity to outdoor electrical sources.

  • Sparks from electrical wiring and outlets can set fire to the gas from a bug bomb.
  • Prevent fires by turning off the circuit breaker that sends power to any deck lighting or outlets.

If you don’t have any deck lighting, wiring, or power outlets on or under your deck, you don’t have to worry about this step. However, it’s a good idea to use a flashlight to check under the deck for any outlets before proceeding.

Seal All But One Deck Opening

Bug bombs require a tightly closed environment to work properly. Wasps will flee from pesticides through the gaps between deck boards, which means you won’t kill many of the insects. Even worse, if there are seams or cracks where the fog can escape, the bug bomb won’t be effective. In order to seal your deck for fogging, do this:

  • Cover the top and sides of the deck with this plastic sheeting, to block the gaps between deck boards.
  • Staple the sheeting to the deck, or lay boards at the edges of the sheeting to keep it in place.
  • If the sides of your deck are open, temporarily screw sheets of plywood to make the deck airtight.
  • Leave one opening large enough for you to enter under the deck and place the bug bomb.
  • Prepare a sheet of plywood to cover the opening once you set the fogger off.

Decks are not built to be airtight. Water is supposed to drain down through the deck boards during rainfall and airflow under the deck is encouraged, to keep the area dry. However, a deck must be sealed in order to trap the fog from a bug bomb so you can kill wasps. Plastic sheeting is great for covering the top of the deck so no fog can drift upwards. You can attach plastic sheeting to a deck with lattice or wood sides. However, plywood is a great way to seal the sides of a deck in a hurry.

Prepare Your Fogger for Under-Deck Use

Bug bombs are designed for use in homes, which typically have much higher ceilings than decks. So, bug bombs spray upward. However, this upward spray won’t work well under a deck. The spray may just soak the underside of your deck boards instead of turning to fog that fills the space. It is best to make sure the bug bomb you’re using under your deck sprays at a 45-degree angle. Here’s how to do that:

  • Tape a piece of cardboard or wood to the bug bomb canister so that the bug bomb will lay securely on its side.
  • Position the nozzle so that the bug bomb will spray upward at a 45-degree angle.
  • You can bend the piece of cardboard into an L-shape to create a prop that will help your bug bomb release fog at the proper angle.

This simple trick helps to ensure the area under your deck is filled with pesticide fog. This will kill more wasps and destroy the entire nest. Plus, it only takes a few minutes and a bit of duct tape to prepare your bug bomb for battle.

Set Off Your Bug Bomb

Now that your deck is prepared, make sure all people and pets are clear of the area. Bug bombs contain powerful pesticides, so it is best to have everyone clear out of the house. Then, you can reach into the area under the deck, place the bug bomb, and set it off.

  • Clear all people and pets from the deck area.
  • For extra safety, have everyone clear out of the house, to prevent any accidental exposure to pesticides.
  • Wear safety goggles and a breath mask.
  • Reach in through the one remaining opening under your deck.
  • Place the bug bomb and set it off, according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Exit the area under the deck.

For extra safety, wear breath protection and safety goggles whenever you are setting off a bug bomb. The pesticides in the bomb can irritate the eyes and airways. As soon as you place the bomb and set it off, get out from under the deck and move to the next step.

Seal the Last Deck Opening

Once you set the bug bomb off, quickly block the opening you used to reach under the deck and place the bomb. It’s a great idea to have a sheet of plywood standing by to cover this opening securely. This will lock in the pesticide so that it kills wasps. It will also prevent wasps from escaping from the pesticide.

  • Have a sheet of plywood leaning close by so you can quickly cover the opening you used to place the bug bomb under your deck.
  • Act fast to cover the opening with plywood, to prevent pesticidal fog and wasps from escaping.
  • Secure the plywood so that it is airtight.

Because bug bombs contain powerful pesticides, fully sealing the area under your deck also helps protect you and your family. If the fog is sealed under the deck, your family and pets won’t be exposed to any chemicals.

Wait for the Fogger to Work

Once you’ve set off your bug bomb and sealed your deck, it’s time to wait. Refer to the instructions on your bug bomb’s packaging to determine how long the bug bomb must work before it is safe to unseal the deck. To prevent any accidental exposure to pesticides, you can leave your home until the bug bomb is done working.

  • Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for the required amount of time the bug bomb must work—it may be several hours.
  • After the bug bomb is done working, unseal the entrance to the area under the deck.
  • Use a flashlight to inspect wasp nests for signs of insect activity.
  • If you see live wasps, repeat the process with another bug bomb.
  • If there are no live wasps, remove the plywood and plastic sheeting and return to using your deck.

Once you’ve waited the required length of time, you can return and unseal the deck. Begin by unsealing the opening used to place the bug bomb. Check any wasp nests for signs of life. If you still see living wasps, place another bug bomb and repeat. If the nests are dead or inactive, you can unseal your deck and enjoy your wasp-free space.

Do You Have to Wash Your Deck After a Bug Bomb?

It’s a good idea to scrub the top and sides of your deck with soap and hot water after using a bug bomb. This will remove any pesticide residue from the deck material. Since cleaning under the deck may be difficult or impossible, you do not have to perform any special treatment there. However, it is best to prevent pets and people from investigating under the deck for a few days after a bug bomb has been used.

Can You Use a Bug Bomb to Kill Wasps Under Your Deck?

You can use a bug bomb as a “wasp bomb” in order to destroy a wasp infestation underneath your deck. Here’s how:

  • Choose a bug bomb that contains active ingredients found in wasp spray.
  • Turn off the electricity-powering deck lights and outdoor power outlets.
  • Seal the deck with plastic sheeting and plywood. Leave one opening so you can place the wasp fogger under the deck.
  • Tape a piece of cardboard to the side of the bug bomb so that it sprays upward at a 45-degree angle.
  • Place the bug bomb under the deck and set it off.
  • Seal the entrance used to reach under the deck and place the bug bomb.
  • Wait for the bug bomb to work, then remove the plywood and plastic sheeting from your deck.

This process will trap pesticidal fog under your deck so that it kills all the wasps in the nest. By sealing your deck, you will prevent wasps from escaping. This results in dead wasps. Once you’re done using the wasp bomb, your deck is safe to use again.

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