When to Plant a Trumpet Vine [Tips for Great Results]

You can plant a trumpet vine as soon as the beginning of spring and as late as early fall. Planting this type of vine before or after that time frame won’t give you the results you desire. The trumpet vine (campsis radicans) goes dormant in winter, so you should make it your goal to give it as much time as possible to grow and adjust to its new environment after planting. This means early spring is when you should plant your trumpet vine.

When to plant trumpet vine

What is the Best Time to Plant a Trumpet Vine?

Early spring to early fall is the best time frame during which to plant a trumpet vine. Ideally, however, spring will give your vines the best start for the season. Trumpet vines go dormant during winter. So, the later in the year you plant them, the less growing time they have.

  • Trumpet vines can be planted any time from early spring to late fall.
  • Plant trumpet vines in early spring for the best results.
  • Planting trumpet vines in late fall is somewhat futile as they will soon be dormant.

If you wait until late fall, you will have essentially wasted an entire growing season. Because it takes these vines 3–5 years to bloom, giving them a good head start is your best bet. Planting in spring means your vine will mature and start flowering sooner.

Where Should You Plant Your Trumpet Vine?

It’s important to give significant thought to the location of your trumpet vines before planting. This is because they are considered an invasive vine and will quickly try to overtake the surrounding area. If you plant them too close to your home, you may find they have their own ideas about redecorating your home’s exterior.

  • Plant trumpet vines away from your home, driveway and outbuildings.
  • Full sun areas are best for trumpet vines.
  • Trumpet vines should be planted near supporting structures.

Because they have creeping roots, trumpet vines can damage driveways, outbuildings, or your home. Try to plant them at least 20 feet (6 meters) from any buildings on your property. Provide your trumpet creeper with a trellis or other supporting structure to which they can cling. These vines tolerate partial shade to full sun, but their iconic orange flowers will be bigger and more vivid if the vine is planted in full sun.

What Kind of Soil Do You Use for Trumpet Vine?

Trumpet vines will quickly establish themselves in a broad range of soil types, provided the ground is well-drained. You can grow a trumpet vine in loamy soil, clay, sandy soil, and in both acidic and neutral soils. No matter the soil type, your trumpet vine will struggle to grow and bloom if it is planted in soil that is too wet.

  • Trumpet vines thrive in almost any soil provided it is well-drained.
  • Wet soil prevents trumpet vines from achieving proper growth.
  • Trumpet vines are prone to mildew and fungal infections.
  • Fungal diseases can damage the roots of trumpet vines.
  • Plant trumpet vines in well-drained soil to eliminate these problems.

Trumpet vines are very prone to fungal diseases and powdery mildew if left to grow in areas where the soil does not drain well. Mildew problems are easy to spot because the major symptom is a powdery substance that coats the leaves and the flowers. Fungal diseases can damage the roots and cause the plant to wilt. Fortunately, these problems are easily remedied by making sure the soil is properly drained. When in doubt, always choose a dry, sunny area to plant your trumpet vine.

How Long Does it Take a Trumpet Vine to Bloom?

Regardless of whether you plant your trumpet vines from seeds or cuttings, it takes 3–5 years for them to bloom for the first time. After that, your vine will bloom every year. This is because it takes at least 36 months for the plant to mature, and sometimes longer. In certain cases, particularly in warm climates where there’s plenty of sun, the vine may bloom in a little under 3 years, but this is not considered the norm.

  • Trumpet vines take 3–5 years to bloom.
  • You can reduce the time until your vine blooms by purchasing and planting a mature vine.
  • There is no way to force immature trumpet vines to bloom at a faster pace.

Interestingly, unlike certain vines that can be forced to grow faster through various techniques, trumpet vines simply require patience. There is no way to speed their growth. You must simply wait for them to bloom when they are ready. For the first few years, they will grow plenty of green leaves but no flowers.

When is it Too Late to Plant Trumpet Vine?

By the end of autumn, the window for planting trumpet vines has begun to close. If you want to plant this vine in the fall, shoot for early in the season as opposed to late. Trumpet vines go dormant during winter, rather than dying.

  • Trumpet vines should not be planted after early fall.
  • Trumpet vines go dormant, but don’t die during winter.
  • Wait for spring rather than planting these vines in late fall.

If you plant your trumpet vine too late in the season, it won’t have very much time to grow. So, late planting will not give you much return for your efforts. If it’s late in the fall, it’s probably better to wait until spring. Then, plant your vines with the full growing season ahead of you.

What is the Ideal Trumpet Vine Planting Time?

Trumpet vine planting time is from the beginning of spring until late autumn. This is the time frame during which you can expect the best results. Lackluster results will probably occur if you plant your trumpet vines outside of that range. These vines do live through winter, but they go dormant, so keep that in mind when choosing a time frame: the later you plant them, the less growing time they have.

  • Early spring is ultimately the best time for planting trumpet vines.
  • Planting too late in the fall “wastes” the growing season.
  • Trumpet vines go dormant during winter.
  • Make your objective to give your vines as much growing time as possible.

By planting your trumpet vine early in spring, you’ll provide it a long runway for growth. You’ll be amazed by how quickly this woody vine grows when planted in the right location. Make sure to plant your vine near a trellis or other climbing structure. Then, get ready to enjoy gorgeous, trumpet-shaped flowers once your vine matures.

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