How to Use Boric Acid for Silverfish [Kill and Repel Pests]

Kill silverfish by making a mixture of flour, sugar, water, and boric acid powder. If you leave this mixture out in a small dish, silverfish will eat the bait and die. Boric acid is toxic to silverfish, so it will kill them when they eat it. Additionally, boric acid dehydrates and kills silverfish on contact. So, you can repel silverfish by dusting boric acid into the gaps under baseboards and in other areas where silverfish hide.

Boric acid for silverfish

Will Boric Acid Kill Silverfish?

Boric acid can kill silverfish in two different ways. First, silverfish will be killed if they eat boric acid. Boric acid works as a poison that kills silverfish and other insects when eaten. Second, boric acid kills silverfish if they crawl through boric acid powder. Contact with boric acid powder will dehydrate silverfish, causing them to die. For more ways to kill silverfish quickly, check out these tips for getting rid of silverfish.

Is Borax and Boric Acid the Same?

Borax and boric acid are not the same product. Although they both are derived from the natural compound boron, borax is not useful for killing silverfish and other insects. Boric acid is far more potent and is toxic to insects. So, if you want to kill silverfish, use this boric acid, not borax.

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How Do You Use Boric Acid Safely in Your Home?

Wear safety goggles and gloves whenever you are using boric acid. Boric acid should never be ingested, inhaled, or allowed to make contact with your skin. Put boric acid baits in areas where insects can reach them, but pets and children cannot. Similarly, only dust boric acid powder in hidden areas. This will prevent people and pets in your home from inhaling, touching, or ingesting boric acid powder.

How Do You Use Boric Acid to Kill Silverfish?

The best way to kill silverfish with boric acid is by creating an edible bait that attracts silverfish and gets them to ingest boric acid. To do this, mix together these ingredients:

  • ½-cup boric acid powder
  • ¼-cup flour
  • ¼-cup sugar
  • ½-cup water
  • Mix to combine the ingredients.
  • Pour the mixture into small disposable containers, such as these paper cups.

Place these homemade poisonous baits in places that silverfish love to frequent. Under refrigerators, in hidden corners, on closet shelves, and in basements. Make sure that children and pets cannot reach the baits, since they are toxic. It is also essential to keep boric acid baits away from food and food preparation surfaces. Boric acid is toxic and can make you sick if ingested.

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How Do You Use Boric Acid to Repel Silverfish?

To drive silverfish away from your home, use boric acid powder in out-of-the-way places that silverfish can reach but humans and pets cannot. Dust this boric acid powder into the gaps between the baseboards and the floor, in basements, and under sinks. It’s also a great idea to apply boric acid powder under appliances, such as your refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer.

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Does Boric Acid Kill Silverfish Eggs?

Silverfish eggs will not be harmed by boric acid. This is because boric acid is most effective at killing silverfish when it is ingested or the insect crawls through the powder. Until the eggs hatch, the silverfish will not be harmed by boric acid. However, since silverfish tend to lay eggs in dark, moist areas, treating these areas with boric acid powder is an effective preventative measure. As soon as the eggs hatch, the silverfish will walk through the boric acid, which will help kill the silverfish nymphs quickly.

How Fast Does Boric Acid Kill Silverfish?

Boric acid is not an extremely fast-acting insect killer, so it can take 1–2 weeks before you start seeing a decrease in your silverfish infestation. This is due to the fact that boric acid is a relatively mild poison. It has to build up in the silverfish’s body through constant contact or repeat ingestion. Allow time for silverfish to eat from poisoned baits several times. Once they’ve had a few doses of boric acid, the silverfish will begin to die.

How Do You Make Boric Acid Spray for Silverfish?

There is no need to make a sprayable form of boric acid to kill silverfish, since this won’t be very effective. The most certain way to kill silverfish with boric acid is by mixing the acid powder with starchy foods so that the silverfish eat the acid and die. Direct exposure to boric acid powder works more slowly. Dissolving boric acid in liquid and spraying it won’t provide concentrated boric acid, won’t get results, and won’t kill silverfish on contact.

How Do You Use Boric Acid on Silverfish?

To use boric acid to kill off silverfish, use the following tactics:

  • Make boric acid baits by mixing boric acid powder with flour, sugar, and water to create a starchy paste.
  • Dust boric acid powder under baseboards and appliances to kill or repel silverfish as they crawl through the powder.
  • Mixing boric acid with liquid in a spray bottle is not an effective way to kill or repel silverfish.
  • Boric acid is most effective at killing silverfish when it is eaten, so it is a great idea to mix boric acid with a starchy food source to attract silverfish to the poison.
  • Always wear goggles and gloves when handling boric acid.
  • Keep boric acid baits and powder away from contact with humans and pets.
  • Do not treat cupboards, pantries, or food preparation surfaces with boric acid—it can be harmful to humans.

Within 1–2 weeks of making boric acid baits, you will begin to see dead silverfishes in your home. If you have a severe silverfish infestation, contact a pest control professional to kill off these insects and reclaim your home.

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