Does Milorganite repel deer?

Does Milorganite Repel Deer?

Milorganite has been shown to be an effective deer repellent by university studies. If you spread Milorganite among your ornamentals or vegetable garden you will create a deer-proof garden for 4–5 weeks. Milorganite is an excellent choice as a deer repellant for the following reasons: Milorganite keeps deer out naturally. Areas, where Milorganite has been …

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Is Milorganite safe for pets?

Is Milorganite Safe for Pets?

Milorganite is not poisonous or harmful to pets. It is one of the safest organic fertilizers on the market, subject to the strictest EPA regulations. It is safe for exposure to people and animals. However, some pets, especially dogs, are attracted to the scent of Milorganite. This can cause them to roll in or even …

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