Will Zoysia overtake Bermuda?

Will Zoysia Overtake Bermuda?

Zoysia will rarely overtake Bermuda grass on its own. Bermuda is an extremely aggressive grass that spreads quickly and outcompetes most other grasses. However, in shady yards, Zoysia grass grows more vigorously than Bermuda, which can allow Zoysia to take over. You can also help your Zoysia choke out Bermuda grass by killing as much …

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How does milky spore work?

How Does Milky Spore Work?

Milky spore products work by introducing a specialized strain of bacteria into the soil in your yard. This bacteria causes the deadly milky spore disease in Japanese beetle grubs. However, the bacteria in milky spore is completely harmless to all other organisms. So, milky spore is an organic, safe solution that kills invasive grubs. Because …

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