Can you overwater tomato plants?

Can You Overwater Tomato Plants?

You can easily overwater your tomato plants, especially after they grow past the seedling stage. When tomatoes get too much water, their leaves turn yellow. After that, the fruit develops cracks and blossom-end rot. Overwatered tomatoes often have a watery flavor and mushy texture. The roots could even start to rot and kill off the …

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How long do tomato plants live?

How Long Do Tomato Plants Live?

In most of North America tomatoes are grown as annuals and have a life cycle of 6-8 months. However, with proper care and ideal conditions, they can actually live for up to 2-5 years. Tomato plants produce fruit every year of their life, so it may be worth cultivating a tomato plant for several years. …

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Do tomato plants need full sun?

Do Tomato Plants Need Full Sun?

Tomatoes are fast-growing plants that can double in size in as little as two weeks during their initial growth phase. For this reason, they require lots of energy from sunlight, soil nutrients, and water. Tomatoes originated in warm regions like Central and South America, evolving in sunny conditions that the plants still prefer to this …

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