How to Clean Unreachable Windows [5 Effective Methods]

Use an extendable window cleaning tool with up to a 30-foot reach to clean windows that are not easily reached. Extendable tools are great because you won’t have to fuss with moving a ladder. Similarly, you can use a magnetic window cleaner kit to clean high windows from the inside, especially in high-rise buildings. For windows that are just out of reach, try spraying them with a garden hose, then using a long-handled mop to scrub the window pane. If a garden hose sprayer isn’t powerful enough, add an extendable water-fed pole attachment to scour dirt and grime off your windows. Finally, you can use an extendable ladder to climb up to unreachable windows and clean them by hand.

How to clean unreachable windows

What Window Cleaning Liquid Should You Use?

Wash your high windows with a simple solution of water mixed with 1–2 teaspoons of dishwashing soap. Combine these ingredients in a bucket and mix to combine. For added cleaning power, add 3–4 cups of white vinegar. This solution will cut through dirt and grime, and you can easily dip extendable window cleaning tools into the bucket.

  • Mix 1–2 teaspoons (5–10 ml) of dishwashing soap into a bucket of water.
  • Add 3–4 cups (700–950 ml) of white vinegar to the mix.
  • Dip squeegees and other window-cleaning tools into this mixture.
  • To prevent streaks, dry your windows with a microfiber cloth after washing.

After washing your windows, dry them with a microfiber cloth or with a tool attachment made from microfiber material. It’s important to dry excess water off your exterior windows to create a streak-free, clean appearance.

5 Ways to Clean Unreachable Windows

Second- and third-floor windows can be very difficult to clean. If dust, dirt, dead insects, or bird droppings have accumulated on your unreachable windows, you can still clean them. Just use these techniques:

Long-Handled Cleaning Tool

To clean high windows, an extendable squeegee tool is a must. Whether you’re cleaning outdoor windows or you want to reach high windows in a foyer or high-ceilinged room, you can rely on an extendable tool with a long reach. Depending on how high your windows are, we suggest using a tool with a 20- or 30-foot reach. This means you won’t have to climb a ladder to reach the windows.

  • This long-handled window cleaner comes with a pole that extends up to 30 feet.
  • Use the window washing attachment and window cleaning solution to wash your windows.
  • Switch to the included microfiber attachment when it’s time to dry your windows.

When using an extendable tool, dip the window washing head in your window-cleaning solution, then thoroughly wash the window. Once you’ve washed the window, trade the squeegee head out for a microfiber drying head. Dry your window, then move to the next one!

Magnetic Window Cleaner

A magnetic window cleaner works to clean any window from the inside thanks to magnetism. One half of the window cleaner tool goes on the inside of the window, while the other half goes on the outside of the glass. A set of magnets keeps the two halves together, with the glass between them. So, as you slide the tool across the inside of your window, the other half is magnetically pulled along, which cleans the outside of the window.

  • Use this magnetic window cleaner to clean the exterior side of windows that can only be reached from the inside.
  • Powerful magnets keep the cleaning tool in place on the outside of the window as you move the other half across the inside of your window.
  • This solution is great for windows that are so high up they cannot be reached from the ground with any tool.

A high-quality magnetic window cleaner allows you to clean any window from the inside, no matter how high up it is. This makes it great for cleaning windows in tower apartments or condos, as well as in homes. A good quality tool will even have safety rings that prevent the tool from falling to the ground if anything goes wrong. With a little bit of window cleaning spray, you can use this method on all sorts of unreachable windows.

Hose and Mop

Windows that are between 10 and 15 feet off the ground can often be cleaned with household tools. For this job, you’ll need a garden hose with a sprayer attachment. You’ll also need a mop. We recommend a broad-head mop with a sponge-like head. Then, follow these steps:

  • Equip your garden hose with a sprayer attachment.
  • Spray the unreachable window until it is thoroughly wet.
  • Dip your mop into a window cleaning solution of water and dishwashing soap.
  • Use the mop to scrub the window thoroughly.
  • For drying, consider using this microfiber drying tool.

This solution works best for exterior windows that are just out of reach by hand. Since you may have these tools around your home, it’s an inexpensive way to clean hard-to-reach windows.

Water-Fed Pole

To add more cleaning power to your window-washing arsenal, invest in a water-fed window cleaning pole. This pole attaches to a garden hose to supply water to the brush head that extends up to 20 feet. The water that flows up to the brush head washes the windows while the bristles scrub away the debris. Most professional window cleaning companies use water-fed poles, so this choice will get you professional results.

  • Water-fed poles attach to a garden hose that delivers a flow of water up to the scrubbing head.
  • Flowing water, plus the bristles of the scrubbing head make tough window cleaning easy.
  • Use a pole with at least 20 feet of reach to easily clean high windows without a ladder.

In addition to washing windows, extendable, water-fed poles are great for cleaning solar panels, campers, RVs, and boats. Some poles also come with a squeegee attachment that makes drying windows much easier.


If you have a sturdy ladder, you can use it to make window cleaning easy. We recommend an extension ladder that can be leaned directly against the house, rather than an A-frame ladder. Place the ladder so that it is resting against the siding of your house, directly above the window. Then, climb the ladder and use handheld window washing tools to clean the section of the window directly in front of you. Avoid leaning to the sides, since this can be dangerous. Dismount and move the ladder often to clean additional windows or to reach every section of a large window.

  • Lean an extension ladder against your home so that the upper ends of the ladder are braced against the house, above the window.
  • Climb the ladder carefully and clean only the sections of the windows you can reach without leaning out to the sides.
  • Reposition the ladder to clean every section of the window, rather than leaning.
  • Ask an assistant to steady the ladder if possible.

Whenever you are using a ladder to clean hard-to-reach windows, ask an assistant to help. They can steady the ladder and watch out for any dangers. Using a ladder to clean windows can take a little more time than other methods, but it’s very effective if you take your time and practice proper ladder safety.

What Size Ladder Do You Need to Clean Windows?

The proper ladder size needed for window cleaning depends on the height of your windows. An extension ladder, like this one, is the best choice. Just make sure the ladder is long enough that it can be leaned against the siding of your home above the window. So, if the top of the window is 20 feet from the ground, you’ll need an extension ladder that is 24 feet long when fully extended.

  • Always use a ladder that extends taller than the top of the window you are cleaning.
  • It is best to clean the window by leaning a ladder against your house so that it is supported by the siding above the window, not below it.
  • Do not use a ladder that is shorter than the height of the window.

Never attempt to clean a window by using a ladder that is shorter than the window. Using a ladder that is too short may encourage you to climb dangerously high up on the ladder, which puts you at risk of falling. Any ladder that causes you to stretch or lean to clean the window is not tall enough or isn’t in the correct position.

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How Do You Clean High Unreachable Windows?

To clean high windows that are difficult or impossible to reach from ground level, use these methods:

  • A window cleaning tool with an extendable pole 20–30 feet long.
  • Use a magnetic window cleaning tool to clean high windows that can be accessed from inside the home.
  • To clean windows that are just out of reach by hand, spray them with a garden hose, then scrub them with a long-handled sponge mop.
  • A water-fed pole with a brush head is an effective and professional method of cleaning very high windows.
  • An extendable ladder can be used to clean hard-to-reach windows, if you are comfortable with heights.

These tips will allow you to clean windows of any height, providing an amazing view from inside your home when the job is done.

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