Do Trumpet Vines Need Full Sun?

Trumpet vines should have a minimum of 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight per day for the best flowering results. They easily grow in soil that is not fertile and require little maintenance in other ways, so when in doubt, choose their growing location based on how much sunlight they will receive there. It is also not detrimental to these vines to allow them full sun for an entire day. However, you may need to provide some afternoon shade if you live in a hot climate where temperatures exceed 90°F (32℃).

Do trumpet vines need full sun?

How Many Hours of Sun Do Trumpet Vines Need?

Make sure your trumpet vines get at least 6 to 8 hours of full sunlight daily. This ensures they will flower to their fullest potential. Sun-scorch typically isn’t a problem with these vines, so even a full day of direct sunlight is usually not a problem.

  • Trumpet vines need 6–8 hours of full sun on a daily basis.
  • A full day of direct sun is usually safe for trumpet vines.
  • If they are planted where the soil dries out quickly, 6 hours of sun is your best option.

Despite their need for full sun, it is important to keep the ground moist where your trumpet vines are growing. So, if you live in an especially hot climate where the soil dries out quickly, you may want to limit their direct sun to 6 hours. This can help retain soil moisture and give your trumpet vines enough light.

Can Trumpet Vines Grow in Indirect Sunlight?

Trumpet vines grow well in indirect sunlight and should still bloom vigorously when the time comes. However, they are a vine that prefers full sun, so if it’s possible, keep them in an area where the light will hit them directly.

  • Trumpet vines can thrive in direct sunlight.
  • Blooms should be almost as vigorous as they are when grown in full sun.
  • When grown in indirect sunlight, the light should hit your vines all day.

If growing trumpet vines in indirect sunlight, make sure they are in an area where the indirect light will hit them for a full day. If they receive only indirect sunlight and only get a few hours per day, this will not be enough for the white flowers to bloom to their fullest potential.

Can Trumpet Vines Grow in Shade?

Trumpet vines will live in shade and will enjoy the moist soil usually found in such areas. However, they may fail to bloom if they never receive full sun. Additionally, the foliage may become overgrown toward the end of the summer. You could end up with a full, lush vine without any flowers.

  • Trumpet vines can grow in shade.
  • When grown in shade, trumpet vines may fail to bloom.
  • Trumpet vines that are sun-deprived may grow wild.

It is also important to note that trumpet vines deprived of sunlight can sometimes grow a bit “wild” in their search for direct sun. Because these vines already reach a height of 30 feet (8 meters) in many cases, you should avoid anything that makes them grow even more aggressively.

What Happens if Trumpet Vines Don’t Get Enough Sun?

Trumpet vines that don’t get enough sun may not grow to their full height and may feature lackluster blooms. If they get some sun, but not an adequate amount, the flowers will still open, but there will not be as many buds and the colors may not be as brilliant.

  • Sun-deprived trumpet vines may not grow to their full height.
  • Blooms may be smaller and their colors less brilliant.
  • Flowers may die more quickly if enough sunlight is not received.

Trumpet vine flowers may also be smaller than the flowers on trumpet vines grown in the sun. To ensure you get gorgeous white and yellow flowers, plant your trumpet vines in a sunny area. Partial shade that reduces sun exposure below 6 hours can have a negative impact on flower quality and longevity.

Can Trumpet Vines Get Too Much Sun?

The number one sign that your trumpet vine has gotten too much sun is curled or yellow leaves. If a trumpet vine gets too much sun, the flowers may fall off prematurely. In very bad cases of sun scorch, trumpet vine flowers may fall off immediately after opening.

  • Yellowing or curling of the leaves is a sign your trumpet vines are sun-scorched.
  • Flowers may drop prematurely if vines are overexposed to the sun.
  • Soil may dry out in day-long, full sun.
  • If your trumpet vines are suffering from sun scorch, cover them with this shade cloth in the afternoon.

If your trumpet vine is exposed to too much sun, it may also dry out the soil. Trumpet vines prefer moist ground and suffer in drought conditions. A combination of dry soil and temperatures over 90°F (32℃) may dry the soil out. This can cause leaves and flowers to wither and fall off. Shielding an oversunned trumpet vine with a row cover in the afternoon can help prevent sun scorch. Providing shade also helps a sun-damaged vine recover.

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How Much Sun Do Trumpet Vines Require?

Full sun is not a requirement for trumpet vines to survive. However, to get your trumpet vines to bloom to their fullest potential, direct sunlight is necessary. The sunlight needs for trumpet vines are:

  • Trumpet vines should have 6–8 hours of sun on a daily basis.
  • In mild climates, it is typically fine for trumpet vines to have day-long sun exposure.
  • If temperatures frequently reach 90°F (32℃) or more where you live, limit sun to 6 hours per day.
  • Although trumpet vines love the sun, they also require moist soil.
  • Monitor soil moisture to make sure your trumpet vines aren’t being dried out by excessive sun exposure.
  • Protect sun-scorched trumpet vines with a row cover to ward off afternoon sun and heat.

By providing both full, direct sunlight and moist ground, your trumpet vines will experience incredible growth. This evergreen vine can provide a host of beautiful flowers and foliage as long as you meet these needs.

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