How High to Hang a Towel Rack

48 inches (122 cm) above the floor is the standard height for a towel rack in a bathroom. For individuals with limited mobility, install your towel rack at 36–44 inches high (91–112 cm). If you are installing a towel rack that will be used by children, 36 inches (91 cm) is the best height. These guidelines apply to both bath towels and hand towels.

How high to hang a towel rack

What is the Best Height for Your Towel Bar?

When hanging a towel bar on your bathroom wall, measure and mark the wall at 48 inches (122 cm). This is the ideal height for most installations. It allows for unfolded towels to be hung on the rack to dry without touching the ground.

  • The standard height for a bathroom towel bar is 48 inches.
  • Lower the bar height to 36–44 inches to make the towel bar more accessible.
  • 36 inches is the ideal towel bar height for a bathroom used by children.

If the towel rack will be used by individuals with mobility limitations, lower the towel rack. Typically, 36–44 inches (91–112 cm) is accessible and allows for proper towel drying. If the bathroom will be used by children, opt for a towel rack 36 inches (91 cm) high. This allows children to hang and remove towels without tugging on the towel bar in a manner that may damage it or pull it from the wall.

How High Should You Hang Towel Hooks?

Hang towel hooks higher than you would hang a towel bar. The ideal height for a towel hook is 70 inches (178 cm) above the floor. This allows towels to be safely hung without draping down onto the floor.

  • Install towel hooks 70 inches above floor level.
  • A towel hook that is too low will cause the towel to rest partially on the floor.
  • If individuals who will use the bathroom cannot reach a 70-inch-high hook, install a towel bar instead of hooks.

Avoid hanging towel hooks lower than 70 inches. A towel hook that is too low will cause the towel to pool onto the floor, where it will pick up dirt. If you are designing a bathroom space for children or individuals who cannot reach a hook that is 70 inches above the floor, use a towel bar instead.

Where Should Hand Towels Be Hung?

Towel rings designed for hand towels should also be hung 48 inches (122 cm) above floor level. This is the ideal height because it places the towel ring or rack 16–18 inches (41–46 cm) above the counter top. This ensures that a towel stored on the ring will not rest on the countertop or vanity.

  • Hang hand towels on racks or towel rings 48 inches above floor height.
  • Hanging a hand towel too low will cause it to partially rest on the countertop when stored.
  • A towel that touches the countertop will not dry properly.

It’s essential to hang hand towels high enough to avoid touching the countertop or dipping into the sink. This allows towels to dry properly, prevents them from soaking up water from the counter, and contributes to a more attractive bathroom space.

Where Should Towels Be Placed in a Bathroom?

As a rule, install towel bars, hooks, and rings where they will be the most convenient and won’t interfere with other bathroom fixtures. A towel bar should be placed near the shower in order to allow you to retrieve a towel as you leave the shower. Towel hooks should have a similar location. Rings and racks for hand towels should be installed near sinks so you can dry your hands after washing.

  • Install bath towel bars and hooks near the bathtub or shower.
  • Mount hand towel rings near sinks.
  • Position towel racks so that light switches, vents, toilets, and sinks won’t be blocked once the rack is in use.

Make sure you do not block essential bathroom fixtures with your towel rack placement. Avoid installing towel racks above light switches, toilets, sinks, and garbage cans. Although the bare rack may not cause a problem when first installed over your toilet, once you put a wet towel on the rack it may drape onto the toilet tank.

Can You Hang a Towel Rack on Drywall?

Towel racks can be safely installed on drywall. Although it’s always best to secure a wall fixture to a stud when possible, this is not necessary for towel racks, especially for ceramic towel bars. Instead, drill pilot holes in the drywall, insert plastic wall anchors, and then secure the towel rack to the anchors with screws. Each anchored screw can hold up to 15 pounds.

  • It is safe to install a towel rack on drywall if the towel rack is mounted with anchored screws.
  • Use this kit with plastic anchors to keep screws in place in drywall for a secure towel rack installation.
  • Do not install a towel rack with unanchored screws.

Never use nails or unanchored screws to hang your towel rack. Unanchored hardware in drywall will tear out easily, especially when exposed to the weight of wet towels. Make sure to carefully install your towel rack so that it holds up for years to come.

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What is the Best Height to Install a Towel Rack?

The proper height for your towel rack depends on who will be using the towels and where. Quick rules for towel rack installation are:

  • 48 inches: Bath towel rack height for standard use.
  • 36–44 inches: Bath towel rack height for individuals with limited mobility.
  • 36 inches: Bath towel rack height for children.
  • 70 inches: Towel and robe hook height.
  • 48 inches: Hand towel ring or rack height.

These quick guidelines for towel rack and towel ring height will keep your towels at the optimal height to allow for easy access and complete drying. Use these rules to make any master suite or guest bathroom into a functional space.

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