Best Ladder for Cleaning Gutters [5 Best Ladders Available]

Good ladders for gutter cleaning are versatile, lightweight, and sturdy. The best ladders you can buy are:

  • Little Giant Multi-Position Ladder
  • LUISLADDERS 18.5-Foot Folding Ladder
  • RIKADE 20.34-Foot Telescoping Ladder
  • Louisville Ladder 14-Foot Stepladder
  • Louisville Ladder 28-Foot Extension Ladder

We selected these ladders with your needs in mind. Whether your priority is a long reach for tall gutters, a versatile ladder for varying gutter heights, or a collapsible ladder for easy storage, read on to see which is best for you.

Best ladder for cleaning gutters

What Kind of Ladder is Best to Clean Gutters?

The best ladders for gutter cleaning are types that will not lean against your gutters or crush them during cleaning. You can damage your gutters with the wrong ladder, which leads to costly repairs. So, ladders that stand free on the ground—such as A-frame ladders—are a good choice. Ladders that can easily be braced against your roof instead of your gutters are also excellent.

What Length Ladder Do You Need to Clean Gutters?

To clean the gutters of a one-story home, choose a ladder that is at least 12 feet tall. This will allow you to reach the gutters safely without climbing dangerously high on the ladders. If you are cleaning the gutters of a two-story home, choose a 20 to 26-foot ladder. For homes taller than two stories, or if you aren’t comfortable on a ladder, it’s best to hire a professional gutter cleaning service.

5 Best Ladders for Cleaning Gutters

Many styles of ladders can be used for effective gutter cleaning. Some are best suited for single-story homes, while others work excellently for taller houses. Here are our top ladder selections:

Fully Tested Winner: Little Giant Multi-Position Ladder

Our editor Mike owns the Little Giant and uses it every time he cleans the gutters of his home. You can’t ask for a better ladder. When used in the A-frame position, the Little Giant’s over 13-foot reach makes cleaning first-story gutters a breeze. Then, you can open the Little Giant to its full length, which allows for a 22-foot reach. This is long enough for easy gutter cleaning on most two-story homes.

  • Our editor owns and loves this incredible multi-position ladder from Little Giant.
  • The multi-position ladder can be used as an A-frame stepladder for cleaning first-floor gutters.
  • You can also unfold the Little Giant to clean second-story gutters.
  • The versatility of the Little Giant makes it perfect for tackling all the gutters on your home.

In the folded position, the Little Giant acts as a stepladder. The solid base and A-frame structure mean you don’t have to lean the ladder against your gutters. When unfolded, the Little Giant acts similarly to an extension ladder. Usually, extension ladders do have to lean against your gutter, but we have some tricks to avoid this, which we’ll cover at the end of the article.

Number One Folding Ladder: LUISLADDERS 18.5-Foot Folding ladder

Multi-jointed folding ladders are great for gutter cleaning because you can bend the top portion and brace the upper end of the ladder against your roof instead of your gutters. This allows you to climb up and clean your gutters without damaging them. This feature also creates a little bit of distance between you and the gutter, which makes cleaning easier.

  • The triple-joint in this folding ladder makes it one of the most versatile ladders available.
  • By bending the top joint, you can brace the ladder against your roof shingles and avoid crushing your gutters.
  • You can also use this ladder as an A-frame step ladder or a straight ladder.
  • It may not be long enough to clean the gutters on some two-story homes.

The biggest downside to the LUISLADDER and most folding ladders is their limited length. The maximum length of 18.5 feet can be used to clean second-floor gutters, but you won’t typically be able to fold the top portion for roof-bracing when cleaning gutters far from the ground. So, this is a great ladder for single-story homes but may be a bit small for multi-level houses.

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Best Telescoping Ladder: 20.34 Feet RIKADE Aluminum Telescoping Ladder

If you want a ladder with incredible reach and compact storage, the RIKADE telescoping ladder is the best value for your money. When fully extended, it reaches over 20 feet, so it can tackle almost all second-story gutter cleaning jobs. When you close the ladder for storage, it stands less than 43 inches tall. This eliminates the need to find storage space for a large ladder.

  • A maximum length of 20.34 feet allows this RIKADE ladder to tackle both first- and second-story gutters.
  • This ladder is only 42.9 inches when fully closed, so it can be stored easily.
  • Other long ladders are much more difficult to store, since they aren’t as compact as telescoping models.

The hooks on the top edge of this telescoping ladder add a great value, Since they help secure the ladder to a gutter or roof. This creates a stable ladder that makes gutter cleaning safer. In addition to cleaning tasks, this ladder is also a great choice for attaching Christmas lights to your gutters.

Best Step Ladder: Louisville 14-Foot Heavy Duty Ladder

This Louisville A-frame step ladder is my favorite for cleaning gutters, as well as gutter repair and installing gutter guards. It provides a sturdy base of support and doesn’t need to be leaned up against your home. So, you never have to worry about the ladder getting in the way of your work. Plus, the 14-foot height means it can tackle gutter cleaning for one-story homes and two stories with low eaves.

  • This A-frame ladder from Louisville Ladders is a high-quality fiberglass ladder for serious work.
  • The 14-foot height is great for cleaning most gutters.
  • You can use this essential ladder for a variety of outdoor painting, remodeling, and gutter repair tasks.

This ladder is a must-have if you’re planning on working on your gutters extensively. So, I recommend it for serious DIYers that have taken on a fixer-upper project. It’s a bit expensive if you’re only going to use it to clean gutters, but it’s a great tool for remodeling the exterior of your home, as well as gutter maintenance.

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Top Extension Ladder: Louisville Ladder 28-Foot Extension Ladder

If your home has gutters more than 20 feet from the ground, you need an extension ladder to clean them. Folding and telescoping ladders seldom have the reach to do the job safely. But, there’s almost no gutter job this 28-foot extension ladder won’t tackle. The fiberglass design keeps the ladder lightweight. Meanwhile, over 900 five-star reviews are a testament to the quality of this ladder.

  • This high-quality extension ladder has a maximum length of 28 feet, so it can tackle gutter jobs other ladders can’t reach.
  • When closed, the ladder has a 14-foot length, so you can clean first-floor gutters.
  • The lightweight fiberglass design makes use and storage easy, despite the ladder’s size.
  • Next, we’ll discuss how to prevent gutter damage when using an extension ladder.

The biggest drawback of an extension ladder is that using one to clean gutters usually means you’ll have to lean the ladder up against the gutters themselves. This can crush and distort gutters. However, there is a fix for this that makes gutter cleaning safe and easy. We’ll cover it just below.

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How Do You Not Crush Gutters With a Ladder?

You can stop your ladder from crushing your gutters during cleaning by installing a stand-off stabilizer on your ladder. This ladder tool attaches to the upper steps of your ladder and extends toward your home. The rubberized posts securely brace the ladder against your roof material, so your ladder won’t make contact with the gutter.

  • Install this stand-off stabilizer on almost any type of ladder.
  • With a stand-off stabilizer, the ladder will be supported by the roof, not your gutter.
  • The extra clearance makes gutter cleaning easier, as well as safer.
  • Works great for extension ladders, as well as telescoping and folding models.

A stand-off stabilizer is typically used for telescoping ladders and extension ladders. However, it’s also great for folding ladders that have been unfolded and extended to maximum length. Not only will you prevent gutter damage, but the ladder will also actually be less likely to slide left or right.

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What is the Best Ladder for Gutter Cleaning?

The best ladder for gutter cleaning depends on your home and needs. For single-story homes or two stories with gutters lower than 20 feet, a multi-position ladder, folding ladder, or stepladder work best. They provide stable support and can be used in a variety of circumstances. If you have gutters up to 20 feet from the ground but don’t have space to store a large ladder, choose a telescoping ladder that can be closed to a compact height. For gutters more than 20 feet from the ground, an extension ladder is the best tool for the job.

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