How to Lock Sliding Mirror Closet Doors

The best way to lock a mirrored closet door is with a child-proof lock. These locks use press-on adhesive to stick to the glass. The lock must then be disengaged by hand to open the door. This method is great for child-proofing, but that is as sturdy as locks get for sliding mirror doors. Solutions for mirrored closet doors do not include key locks. A sliding closet door is not designed to be permanently locked.

How to lock sliding mirror closet doors

How Do You Childproof a Sliding Closet Door?

There are several locks designed to childproof sliding closet doors. These keyless locks are inexpensive, easy to install, and can be seamlessly removed once you no longer have a need for them. These products are much better than attempting to modify the door or frame to keep the door closed.

  • This child-proof lock for sliding doors installs in minutes.
  • These locks include an adhesive backing that works on glass, wood, metal, and other surfaces.
  • You can remove an adhesive-backed lock in a few minutes if you decide you no longer need it.

Childproof locks are a great way to prevent curious young children from digging through the closet, and keeps them safe from the pinch hazard of sliding doors. You can even use these childproof refrigerator locks for your mirrored closet.

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Can You Put a Keyless Lock on a Sliding Glass Closet Door?

It is very simple to put a keyless lock on sliding glass doors. Most keyless lock systems are secured to glass with adhesive. By placing the lock near the point where the doors have to slide past one another to open, the lock prevents the door from opening casually. The lock has to be depressed by hand to allow the doors to slide past one another.

  • This keyless lock is ideal for sliding mirror closet doors.
  • A keyless lock has to be operated by hand to allow the door to open.
  • No power tools are required when installing a keyless lock.
  • A keyless lock can be easily removed at a later date.

Adhesive keyless locks are the simplest and best way to secure your glass doors from opening easily. They require no power tools for installation and can be removed whenever you wish.

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Can You Lock Sliding Glass Closet Doors with a Key?

There is no good way to lock sliding mirror closet doors or a bi-fold door with a key. Most notably, these locks are ineffective. A sliding door can easily be lifted off its track by an adult, allowing access to the closet. Because there is not an effective way to keep adults and older children out of a closet with sliding doors, it’s best to focus on child-proofing your closet.

  • There are no effective key locks for sliding glass closet doors.
  • Locks on sliding closet doors can be easily bypassed since the doors typically lift off the tracks.
  • Use keyless locks for childproofing.
  • Rather than lock closets to prevent access, move personal items to another storage space.

If you are looking to rent a home or space with sliding mirror closet doors, do not count on using this closet space for storage. These types of closets cannot be locked. So, it’s best to move personal items out of a rental home. Relocate belongings to a storage unit or other residence. Your tenants and guests will appreciate free use of the area rather than limited space.

How Do You Lock a Sliding Closet Door?

In order to lock the sliding glass doors that control access to bedroom closets you should:

  • Install adhesive-backed childproof locks to prevent children from opening the closet.
  • Avoid adding a permanent lock that requires power tools for installation.
  • Do not attempt to lock sliding glass doors with a key lock—these locks are easily bypassed because sliding closet doors are not meant to be locked.
  • Move dangerous or personal items out of your closet to a safe, lockable space in a vacation rental or home for lease.

Simple really is the best solution when locking sliding mirror doors. Press-on adhesive child locks are the best choice for these types of doors.

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