Can You Reuse SharkBite Fittings?

You can reuse SharkBite fittings 2–3 times before the O-ring that provides a waterproof seal is compromised to the point where it may leak. It’s also important to note that repeatedly removing a SharkBite fitting from the same pipe may cause scratches in the pipe. The chance of scratching increases if the pipe material is PVC or PEX. A pipe that has been scratched by repeated installation and removal of SharkBite fittings may leak, so it’s important to avoid removing SharkBite fittings repeatedly when possible.

Can you reuse SharkBite fittings?

How Many Times Can a SharkBite Fitting be Reused?

3 uses is the typical maximum number of times a Sharkbite fitting can be used before it no longer seals effectively. The rubber O-ring within a SharkBite fitting is coated with a food-grade lubricant. Some of this lubricant will be wiped away each time the fitting is removed. After a few reuses, the lubricant will mostly be gone. Without adequate lubricant, the SharkBite won’t form a watertight seal.

  • You can reuse a SharkBite fitting a maximum of 3 times.
  • After more than 3 reuses, the SharkBite fitting is prone to leaking.
  • When possible, use new SharkBite fittings for belowground or in-wall plumbing lines.

If you’re installing a pipe underground or behind a wall where there will be no access, it’s best to install a new SharkBite fitting whenever possible. A new SharkBite fitting has the lowest chance of leaking. If you’re going to reuse SharkBites, it’s best to do so for water lines that are exposed or have easy access. This will make troubleshooting any leaks simple.

Can SharkBite Fittings Be Used Permanently?

SharkBite fittings are safe to use for permanent connections. They can be used to permanently join water lines made of copper pipe, PVC, or PEX. In fact, SharkBite fittings make an excellent choice for copper plumbing, greatly reducing the time to install fittings.

  • SharkBite fittings can be used for permanent connections in plumbing applications.
  • Only use SharkBite fittings for water lines.
  • Do not use SharkeBite fittings for air or gas lines—they are not rated for these applications.

It’s important to note, SharkBite fittings are rated for use on water lines only. Never use SharkBite fittings for air or gas lines—the fittings are not rated for these applications and will leak.

Do Professional Plumbers Use SharkBite Fittings?

SharkBite fittings are approved for use by the Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC), applicable in the USA, and the International Plumbing Code (IPC). This means they are legal for use by professional plumbers and are used widely.

  • SharkBite fittings are widely used by professional plumbers.
  • SharkBite push-to-connect fittings are approved by both the Uniform Plumbing Code and International Plumbing Code.

The reason professional plumbers use SharkBite fittings is that they are much quicker to connect than traditional fittings. This makes them a time and labor saver. Many professional plumbers use SharkBite fittings regularly to create dependable connections quickly.

Can You Remove a SharkBite Fitting and Reuse It?

You can remove a SharkBite fitting and reuse it safely as long as the fitting has not been used more than 3 times already. Additionally, it’s best not to reuse a SharkBite fitting that has been installed for more than 1–2 months.

  • You can safely remove and reuse a SharkBite fitting 2-3 times.
  • If your SharkBite fitting has been in use on a plumbing line for more than 1–2 months, do not reuse it. Replace it with a new one.
  • Only reuse SharkBite fittings at the time of install. Do not attempt to take old fittings off pipes for reuse.

If you’re going to reuse a SharkBite fitting, make sure to do so at the time of initial installation. It’s safest to replace any old fittings with new ones. If you are replumbing a previous installation that includes SharkBite fittings, it’s best to use new fittings. This will ensure the tightest seal.

How to Remove a SharkBite Fitting

In order to remove a SharkBite fitting, you will need to use a special tool. SharkBite removal tools clamp around the pipe and disengage the teeth of the SharkBite fitting. This allows you to remove the fitting without damaging the pipe. Remember, SharkBite fittings are designed to allow you to push a pipe into the fitting but don’t allow you to pull the pipe back out without specialized tools.

  • Use this specialized tool to remove SharkBite fittings.
  • Using the right tool to remove SharkBite fittings allows for safe reuse.
  • Do not attempt to remove a SharkBite fitting without the proper tool.

Do not attempt to remove a SharkBite fitting by pulling at the fitting without a SharkBite removal tool. Attempting this not only won’t remove the fitting, but it can also cause damage to your water lines, including scratches, bends, and even breaks.

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Can Push-to-Connect Fittings Be Reused?

Push-to-connect plumbing fittings, such as SharkBite fittings, can be safely reused 2–3 times. It’s best to only reuse a SharkBite fitting at the time of initial installation. If the fitting has been in use for more than 1–2 months, replace it instead of reusing it. An old SharkBite fitting, or one that has been reused more than 3 times, is prone to leaking when fitted onto a pipe. To prevent leaks, measure and cut carefully when running your plumbing lines. A new Sharkbite fitting is the most secure and leakproof option.

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