Best Tool to Clean Baseboards [6 Baseboard Cleaning Essentials]

In order to keep baseboards clean and dust-free with as little scrubbing as possible, you’ll need the following tools:

  • A long-handled baseboard cleaner.
  • Magic erasers for gently cleaning trouble areas.
  • A soft-bristled scrub brush for corners and other difficult areas.
  • Ultra-gentle dish soap so scrubbing does not damage your baseboards.
  • Microfiber cloths or reusable mop heads for drying baseboards.
  • Dryer cloths that reduce static, so your baseboards won’t collect dust.

Below, we’ll discuss our favorite tools for cleaning home baseboards, as well as how to use each of them effectively. When you use our baseboard cleaning equipment and methods, you’ll get a better clean with less time and effort.

Best tool to clean baseboards

What is the Wrong Way to Clean Baseboards?

The worst way to clean baseboards is by using only small tools that require you to get down on your hands and knees to do a lot of scrubbing. First, this makes baseboard cleaning much more uncomfortable and exhausting. Second, it takes a lot of time to clean baseboards this way. Finally, if you use intense scrubbing methods, you can destroy the paint or finish on your baseboards.

  • Using small tools that require hands-and-knee scrubbing.
  • Spraying harsh cleansers that can damage wood and paint.
  • Not taking preventative measures to stop baseboards from getting dirty quickly.

In order to improve your baseboard cleaning comfort, efficiency, and effectiveness, it’s important to have the right cleaning tools and supplies. Long-handled cleaning tools can prevent long periods spent scrubbing baseboards. Meanwhile, the right cleaning product can cut through dirt without harming your baseboards.

6 Top Tools for Cleaning Your Baseboards

Baseboards can be dust and grime magnets. Sometimes, it seems like they’re the first part of your home to get dirty again after a thorough cleaning. However, our top baseboard cleaning tools make the job easier and help your baseboards stay clean longer.

HIPTIS Baseboard Cleaner

It is essential to have a baseboard cleaning tool with a long handle in order to clean dirt, dust, and residue. The HIPTIS baseboard cleaner is sturdy, well-reviewed, and perfectly fit for the job. By using this long-handled tool, you’ll be able to clean baseboards thoroughly without crouching or crawling.

  • This long-handled tool from HIPTIS is specifically designed to clean baseboards.
  • Begin your baseboard cleaning routine with this tool.
  • Dust and dirt will be wiped away quickly, making it easy to spot any areas that need deep cleaning.

When cleaning baseboards, start with the HIPTIS baseboard cleaner. It wipes away most of the mess that accumulates between regular cleanings. Often, this is the first and last tool you’ll need. However, if your baseboards have gotten extremely dirty, the HIPTIS gets rid of most of the grime. With the majority of your baseboards clean, you can easily spot problem areas that need spot cleaning.

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

After you’ve completed your initial baseboard cleaning, attack any scuffs and stubborn residue with the Magic Eraser. I prefer the Extra Durable variety, since it can be reused several times. Plus, it won’t be destroyed if it snags on a baseboard corner or the head of a finish nail.

  • Extra durable Magic Erasers are the best bet for cleaning stubborn grime off baseboards.
  • After your initial cleaning, gently scrub the remaining problem areas with the Magic Eraser.
  • The Magic Eraser can remove even the worst residue without damaging paint or wood finish.

You may have to get up close and personal to use the Magic Eraser, but it’s worth it. Sponges and green scrub pads can discolor or destroy paint. The Magic Eraser is the best option I’ve found for easily removing tough stains from baseboards without ruining the look of the baseboards themselves.

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Fuller Soft-Bristle Scrub Brush

There’s no better tool than a soft-bristled brush when it comes to cleaning the top of baseboards and hard-to-reach corners. I prefer the Fuller Brush because it is a high-quality product with a long, well-angled handle. This makes it easier to scrub without getting down on your hands and knees.

  • We prefer this soft scrub brush made by Fuller Brush for detailed baseboard cleaning.
  • The ergonomic handle means you can clean without getting down on your hands and knees.
  • A bristle brush is great for corners and the thin top edge of baseboards.
  • Soft bristles clean without damaging paint or wood.

If dirt or grime has accumulated along the top edges of your baseboards, or if your Magic Eraser can’t quite get deep enough in the corners to address stubborn residue, follow up with the Fuller brush. It’s durable enough for a deep clean but it won’t destroy painted baseboards. Just make sure to pair it without our next item—a cleaning product that won’t harm your baseboards.

Dawn Ultra Gentle Dish Soap

When using a scrub brush to clean baseboards, it’s best to first spray the problem areas with a mixture of warm water and ultra-gentle dish soap. Dawn Ultra Gentle Clean is my favorite option. It’s powerful enough to cut through grease and dirt, but it won’t discolor paint or dry out wooden baseboards.

  • Spray a mixture of warm water and this gentle dish soap onto residue and dirt.
  • After spraying the area, scrub with the Fuller Brush.
  • This cleaning method will make removing tough stains easier.
  • Dawn Ultra Gentle won’t damage paint and wood like tough cleansers.

Before scrubbing your baseboards with a brush, add 2 tablespoons of Dawn Ultra Gentle dish soap to a spray bottle. Next, fill the bottle with warm water, screw the top on, and shake gently to combine. Spray this mixture onto sticky spots, tough dirt, or other grime to make cleaning faster.

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VanDuck Microfiber Mop Pads

After you clean your baseboards with soap, water, and a scrub brush, make sure to dry them with microfiber pads. Leaving your baseboards wet can cause the paint to bubble and warp, and nothing dries them more easily than microfiber. I prefer microfiber pads that attach to a mop, so I can dry my baseboards while standing.

  • To prevent wood and paint damage, dry your baseboards after cleaning them with soap and water.
  • These reusable mop pads from VanDuck are great for drying baseboards.
  • You can attach the microfiber pads to a mop or dry by hand.

VanDuck microfiber mop pads are a great choice because they quickly attach to a Bona mop. Plus, they’re reusable. After you dry your baseboards, toss these microfiber cloths in the wash. Once they’re dry, they’re ready for the next job.

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Bounce Mega Fabric Dryer Sheets

Did you know that dryer sheets can keep your baseboards cleaner, longer? It’s true. Dryer sheets eliminate static, which means less dust will stick to your baseboards. After you’ve cleaned and dried your baseboards, it’s an excellent idea to wipe your baseboards with a dryer sheet, to preserve their spotless shine.

  • Wipe down your clean baseboards with these Bounce dryer sheets to stop dust from sticking.
  • The same anti-static properties that stop your clothes from sticking in the dryer also repel dust from your baseboards.
  • Attach dryer sheets to a mop head to make wiping your baseboards fast and easy.

Bounce Mega Fabric dryer sheets have incredible reviews for a reason—they really work. Although you can crouch down to wipe your baseboards by hand, I like to make things easy on myself. I attach a few dryer sheets to the head of a Swiffer mop and wipe the baseboards while standing.

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What is the Best Tool to Use to Clean Baseboards?

Rather than one tool, it’s best to have a few supplies for baseboard cleaning. Begin by using a baseboard-cleaning tool with a long handle, so you can wipe dust and dirt off baseboards quickly and easily. Then, use a Magic Eraser to gently scrub away problem residue. A soft-bristled brush is ideal for cleaning corners and crannies. Just make sure to pair your brush with a gentle soap-and-water mixture. After cleaning with soap and water, dry your baseboards with a microfiber cloth. Finally, use dryer sheets to wipe down your baseboards so dust won’t stick.

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