Which Toilet Paper Dissolves Fastest?

Toilet paper labeled as “rapid dissolving” or branded for use in boats and RVs dissolves faster than other types. Typically, 1-ply toilet paper dissolves faster than 2-ply or 3-ply toilet paper, but there are exceptions to this rule. So, you can still use some brands of soft, multi-ply toilet paper without risking a clogged toilet. If your toilet is prone to clogs, use a fast-dissolving toilet paper to prevent future plumbing issues.

Which toilet paper dissolves fastest?

Why is it Important for Your Toilet Paper to Dissolve Fast?

Good toilet paper is designed to dissolve quickly in water in order to prevent clogged pipes and allow for proper treatment at wastewater facilities. If the toilet paper you use dissolves slowly or poorly, it can lead to repeated clogs in your plumbing. This results in an overflowing toilet, pipes clogged with toilet paper, and a lot of calls to the plumber.

  • Toilet paper that dissolves quickly will prevent clogs.
  • Stubborn, slow-dissolving toilet paper causes clogs and overflowing toilets.
  • Slow-dissolving toilet paper can fill a septic tank and cause sewage backup into your home.

It is essential to use a reliable, dissolving toilet paper if your home has a septic tank. If your toilet paper is slow to dissolve—or if it doesn’t dissolve completely—it can fill your septic tank. This will then cause your septic system to back up into your home or flood raw sewage into the drainage field on your property. Since both of these disasters are expensive to fix, use rapid-dissolving toilet paper to keep your septic system well-maintained.

How Fast Should Toilet Paper Dissolve in Water?

Toilet paper should easily break down into small shreds 10 to 20 minutes after being immersed in water. To test this, put a sheet of toilet paper in a bowl of tap water. Then, wait for 20 minutes. Stir the water lightly with a fork or chopstick. If the toilet paper shreds into small bits, it is fast-dissolving. If the toilet paper does not dissolve but instead forms one mass, it does not dissolve fast enough for use.

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What Kind of Toilet Paper Dissolves the Best?

The best-dissolving toilet paper is sold as “rapid dissolving” toilet paper. Often, these toilet papers are advertised as safe for use in RVs and boats. However, rapid-dissolving products like this high-quality toilet paper are great for use in a house or apartment. They are septic safe, resist forming toilet paper clogs, and can make even old plumbing systems work smoothly.

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Does Thick Toilet Paper Dissolve?

In many cases, thick toilet paper dissolves more slowly than thin toilet paper. 2-ply and 3-ply toilet papers are made of 2 and 3 layers of paper, respectively. These extra layers of paper often make it harder for water to penetrate the paper and dissolve it. Plus, the bond between the layers of paper can cause toilet paper to dissolve more slowly. However, some thick toilet papers dissolve excellently. This thick 2-ply toilet paper dissolves quickly in tests.

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Does 1-Ply Toilet Paper Dissolve Faster?

In general, 1-ply toilet paper dissolves faster than 2-ply and 3-ply paper. There are exceptions to this rule. Some 1-ply toilet papers struggle to dissolve and can cause just as much trouble as low-quality, thick toilet paper. To prevent toilet clogs, always choose rapid-dissolving paper or brands engineered for use in RVs. The thickness of the toilet paper does not always determine how fast it dissolves in water.

Does Bamboo Toilet Paper Block Drains?

Bamboo toilet paper actually helps to prevent clogs. Bamboo fibers are softer than those of other types of wood used in paper making. Those soft fibers actually help this bamboo toilet paper break down faster in water. Although you can still clog your toilet by using too much bamboo toilet paper at once, it is far less likely to cause clogs than traditional toilet paper.

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Does Tissue Paper Dissolve in the Toilet?

Tissue paper, facial tissues, wet wipes, and baby wipes will not dissolve in water, so they should never be flushed. Toilet paper is the only paper product specifically designed to break down in water. So, the only items you should ever flush down your toilet are bodily waste and toilet paper. If you flush anything other than toilet paper, you risk creating a massive clog that won’t dissolve. If that happens, you’ll need to unclog your toilet with a plunger, snake, or the help of a licensed plumber.

Which Brand of Toilet Paper Breaks Down Fastest?

When choosing a toilet paper brand that breaks down quickly and prevents clogs, the best choices are:

  • Scott rapid-dissolving toilet paper.
  • Angel Soft 2-ply toilet paper.
  • Nature’s Call bamboo toilet paper.
  • Toilet paper brands that promote “rapid dissolving” qualities.
  • Brands that are labeled for use on boats and RVs.

By selecting from these options, you will be sure to get toilet paper that won’t clog your pipes. Avoid using toilet paper brands that do not promote their fast-dissolving qualities. Additionally, never flush any paper product other than toilet paper.

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