Best Snow Rake for Your Metal Roof [Top Buyer’s Guide]

When choosing a snow rake for a metal roof, make sure to choose a model that has wheels on the lower portion of the blade. This allows the rake to roll instead of scraping against your roof. This helps prevent roof damage as you remove large amounts of snow. Both “scoop” and “slicer” snow rakes work well for metal roofs. However, if you have a standing steam metal roof it’s best to use a slicer model with 3-inch wheels. This is the best way to prevent roof damage when raking snow.

Best snow rake for metal roof

Can You Use a Roof Rake on a Metal Roof?

It’s safe and effective to use a roof rake on a metal roof. For best results, use a snow rake with large wheels built into the bottom edge of the rake. This way, the rake rolls across the roof as you pull snow off. This prevents the bottom of the rake from scraping against the roof material.

  • Snow rakes can be safely used on metal roofs.
  • Use a snow rake with at least 3-inch wheels built into the blade so you don’t scrape your roof.
  • Avoid pulling against snow guards and other roof fixtures while raking.

Additionally, be careful of fixtures on your roof. If you have installed snow guards on your metal roof, be mindful of them when you are pulling snow off your roof. Do not pull against snow guards. This can tear the snow guards off your roof, cause structural damage to your home, or damage your snow rake.

How Do You Rake Snow Off a Metal Roof?

There are two ways to rake snow off metal roofs. The first is to use a “scoop” style snow rake. With this style of snow rake, you bring the rake head down through the snow on your roof, then pull snow off the edge. The second style is the “slicer” snow rake. These snow rakes have a plastic chute behind a square opening. With these, you start at the bottom edge of the roof and push upward. As the square slicer cuts through the snow, the loosened snow then slides down the plastic chute and falls off the edge of the roof.

  • Use a scoop style snow rake to pull snow down toward the edge of the roof.
  • Use a slicer style snow rake by starting at the edge of the roof and pushing upward—it will cause the snow to slide off and fall to the ground.
  • Use snow rakes for single-story homes only.
  • Never attempt to use a snow rake while you are standing on a ladder.

No matter what type of snow rake you choose for your roof, make sure you are standing firmly on the ground while you use it. Snow rakes are meant for single-story homes only. A second-story roof is too high to reach, even with a long-handled snow rake. Do not use a snow rake while you are standing on a ladder. This is extremely dangerous and can result in a serious fall.

The 5 Best Snow Rakes for Metal Roofs

If you’re looking for a rake to pull snow off your metal roof and prevent avalanches, ice dams, and a roof overloaded with packed snow, we’ve picked the best options for your dollar. Our editors have spent several winters clearing snow in the Midwest and Northeast, so the choices were made to hold up to whatever winter throws your way.

Best Scoop-Style Snow Rake – Avalanche! Traditional Snow Roof Rake

This USA-made snow rake features is one of the top-rated products available. With its 24-inch wide head, lightweight handle, and 1.5-inch wheels, it’s the perfect way to pull snow off your roof with ease. The biggest drawback is that the 1.5-inch wheels do not raise the 24-inch blade high enough to clear the seams on standing-seam roofs. This means it is best used on corrugated roofs or metal shingle roofing.

Best Slicer Snow Rake – Avalanche! Original 750 with Slide Material

If you have a standing seam metal roof, this is the best choice on the market. The Avalanche 750 features 3-inch wheels designed specifically to allow the rake head to safely pass over the standing seams in metal roofs. This protects your roof from damage while you remove snow. You’ll still have to be careful of snow guards, but for our money, this is an excellent choice for homeowners with standing seam metal roofing.

Best Plastic-Head Snow Rake – True Temper Telescoping Snow Roof Rake with Aluminum Handle

This 17-foot scoop-style snow rake is one of our top choices. Although it isn’t equipped with wheels, the plastic blade has less potential to damage a metal roof than an aluminum-head snow rake. Plus, what this snow rake lacks in wheels it makes up for in functionality. The telescoping handle with an anti-slip grip coating makes this snow rake easy to use and store.

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Best Combination Snow Rake – JOSTYLE Roof Snow Rake Removal Tool

This snow rake includes both a lightweight aluminum “scoop” style snow rake head and a slicer head equipped with 3-inch wheels. The large wheels on the slicer rake head allow for clearance on standing seam metal roofs, while the tough aluminum head allows you to pull down heavy loads of wet snow.

Best Budget Snow Rake – Goplus Roof Snow Rake Removal Tool

This low-cost snow rake from Goplus combines everything you need in a snow roof rake for metal roofs. It has 3-inch wheels for proper clearance on all types of metal roofs, a 20-foot handle for adequate reach, and a lot of positive reviews. If you don’t want to break the bank but you want to use a rake to deal with heavy snow and prevent ice dams, this is the top choice.

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What is the Best Snow Rake for Your Metal Roof?

The best snow rakes for metal roofs have the following features:

  • 3-inch wheels that allow for clearance over roof seams unique to metal roofs.
  • Long handles, or telescoping handle design.
  • An easy-grip handle to make the job simpler.
  • Durability to move heavy snow.

Avoid snow rakes with 1.5-inch wheels if you have a standing seam metal roof. A snow rake with wheels under 3 inches in diameter will cause the blade material to come into contact with the roof seams, scraping paint off your roof.

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