CannonBall Petunias [7 Growing Tips]

You’ll get the best results from growing Cannonball petunias if you provide them with 5 hours of daily sunlight. Water this petunia variety once every 7–10 days to prevent overwatering. By keeping your cannonballs out of extreme heat and excessive cold, you will get the highest quality blooms and can even grow them as perennials. By providing liquid fertilizer beginning in July, you can keep your CannonBalls flowering until fall.

CannonBall Petunias

7 Tips to Grow Perfect Cannonball Petunias

In order to get the largest flower size and maximize the disease resistance from your CannonBall petunias, it’s essential to provide the ideal environment. By following these tips, you will grow beautiful CannonBall Petunias without hassle or guesswork.

How Much Sun Do Cannonball Petunias Need?

CannonBall petunias need 5 hours of direct sunlight per day to bloom to their full potential. Since “full sun” is defined as 6 hours of direct sunlight daily, CannonBalls grow best with slightly less than full sun. As discussed in our guide to petunia sun requirements, growing with too little sunlight can reduce the quantity and quality of the flowers.

How Do You Water Cannonball Petunias?

Water your CannonBall petunias once every 7–10 days to get the best results. If they are growing in a garden, water until the soil is moist to a depth of 6 inches (15 cm). If you’re growing your CannonBalls in a pot, water them weekly. Potting soil typically dries faster than garden soil, so make sure to monitor soil conditions closely. Like most petunia varieties discussed in our petunia watering guide, CannonBall petunias prefer dry soil to wet soil. So, it’s better to give a little less water to avoid overwatering.

What Temperatures Do Cannonball Petunias Need?

Cannonball petunias thrive in temperatures as low as 53℉ (12℃). If temperatures dip below this point, to freezing, your petunias will be killed. Cannonballs also grow best in areas where the temperature does not get extremely hot. 76℉ (24℃) is the ideal upper range for this variety. This makes them great for indoor growers or for planting in areas that receive afternoon shade.

Are CannonBall Petunias Annual or Perennial?

Like other petunia varieties, CannonBalls are technically perennials. If you grow your petunias indoors or protect them from frost and cold, they will return for several years. However, many growers treat CannonBall petunias as annuals. In this case, the flowers are allowed to bloom, then killed by winter frost. You can successfully grow CannonBall petunias as annuals because they mature and blossom quickly.

When Do Cannonball Petunias Bloom?

Cannonball Petunias are exceptionally quick to flower. In ideal conditions, they can begin blooming within 5 weeks after planting, although 6–8 weeks is more common. Your CannonBalls will continue blooming from spring until fall. So, these petunias can provide a splash of color throughout the summer.

Do You Need to Fertilize Cannonball Petunias?

In order to get the largest and most blooms from your colorful CannonBalls, fertilize them with this balanced fertilizer when you plant them. Alternatively, you can mix compost into the soil before planting for a growth boost. Then, once peak summer sun arrives in July, fertilize your CannonBalls every 2–3 weeks with this organic liquid fertilizer. Continue this fertilizer schedule until flowering slows in fall.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Can You Grow CannonBall Petunias in Hanging Baskets?

Because they are so compact and produce so many flowers per plant, CannonBall petunias are among the best for growers using hanging baskets and pots. Your CannonBalls will produce a huge quantity of blooms in a small space. So, consider planting CannonBalls in a variety of colors. Dark petal varieties with white stars provide dramatic color, while soft yellow and coral varieties create an elegant hanging basket look.

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