Will RM43 Kill Bamboo? [5 Steps to Kill Bamboo with RM43]

You can kill tough, established bamboo with RM43 as long as you follow a simple process. First, wait until the bamboo is actively growing. RM43 won’t kill dormant bamboo. Second, cut all the bamboo shoots down until they are less than a foot tall. Then, apply RM43 to the freshly cut bamboo. This will help the herbicide travel to the roots and kill the bamboo in two weeks. If the bamboo does try to grow new leaves, thoroughly spray it with a second round of RM43.

Will RM43 kill bamboo?

What Weeds Does RM43 Kill?

RM43 is powerful enough to kill almost any weed. It contains glyphosate, which attacks all green, growing plants. It also contains Imazapyr, another herbicide that attacks many types of plants. By combining these two ingredients, RM43 kills grasses, weeds, vines, ivy, and even brush.

  • RM43 attacks all plants it is sprayed on.
  • The herbicides in RM43 are capable of killing tough grass, weeds, vines, and brush.
  • Use RM43 carefully to prevent harm to desirable plants growing near bamboo.

Since bamboo is a species of grass, RM43 is a good choice as a weed killer. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that RM43 is nonselective. This means it will attack any plant it is sprayed on. So, use our 5-step system to kill only bamboo and protect your other plants.

5 Steps to Kill Bamboo with RM43

Bamboo is an exceptionally tough plant to kill. I battled invasive, spreading bamboo in my family’s Texas backyard for years before I found the right way to kill it. I’ll explain my method below.

Before we begin, make sure you wear safety gear at all times while using RM43 and other herbicides. Wear gloves, pants, long sleeves, eye protection, and breath protection to avoid exposure to any chemicals.

1. Wait Until the Bamboo is Green

RM43 contains 43% glyphosate and glyphosate only attacks plants that are currently green and growing. So, it’s essential to begin your bamboo removal when the bamboo is green. If you spray RM43 in winter, while your bamboo is dormant, it will have no effect. The best time to attack bamboo is in spring, when it has just greened up. However, you can still follow this process in summer or fall.

2. Cut the Bamboo Stalks

Begin by using this pair of loppers to cut off all the bamboo shoots six to 12 inches from the ground (15–30 cm). This step is essential because bamboo is so hardy. Simply spraying the leaves with RM43 will kill most plants, but bamboo can survive this treatment. Instead, we need to cut the bamboo, then we can attack the freshly cut stalks.

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3. Apply RM43 to the Cut Bamboo

Immediately after cutting the bamboo stalks, apply undiluted RM43 directly to the cuts. You can apply the RM43 by spraying or by dabbing this large painting sponge soaked in RM43 directly onto the cut stalks. Whichever method you choose, make sure you apply the RM43 within 30 minutes after cutting the stalks. This ensures the herbicide invades the bamboo and kills it down to the roots.

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4. Wait 2 Weeks

You may not see instant results when you use RM43 on bamboo. This is because the herbicide has to spread throughout the entire plant. So, allow two weeks after the first application for the bamboo to die. During this time, don’t repeat the application.

5. Spray New Leaves with RM43

Some bamboo is so tough that it sends up new shoots after the first RM43 treatment. If there is still green, growing bamboo two weeks after you use RM43, spray any new leaves with a second round of RM43. This is enough to fully kill almost any bamboo plant. Wait another two weeks after this second application, then begin removing the dead bamboo.

How Quickly Does RM43 Work?

RM43 kills plants completely in two weeks. However, you may see results sooner than this. Initial wilting and browning can begin one to three days after RM43 treatment.

  • Bamboo will begin wilting 3 days after the RM43 application.
  • After 2 weeks, the RM43 will completely kill bamboo.
  • Do not attempt to remove bamboo until the RM43 has been allowed to work for at least two weeks.

Even if your RM43 appears to be working quickly, do not start digging up your bamboo until at least two weeks after application. Bamboo roots are tough and the RM43 needs time to kill them completely. If you start uprooting bamboo before it is fully dead, you can interrupt the RM43 and allow the bamboo to grow back.

Is RM43 Stronger than Roundup?

RM43 is stronger than Roundup for two reasons. First, it contains a higher concentration of glyphosate than ready-to-spray Roundup formulas. Second, it contains Imazapyr, which is not included in most Roundup formulations. For more information, check out our article comparing RM43 vs. Roundup in a head-to-head battle.

  • RM43 is a more powerful weed killer than Roundup.
  • There are higher levels of glyphosate in RM43 than in traditional Roundup.
  • Unlike most Roundup products, RM43 contains Imazapyr for an added punch.

It’s important to note that the Roundup brand makes several weed-killing products with different active ingredients. However, the most common Roundup formulas contain glyphosate, which is also an ingredient in RM43. So, the two products attack the same plants. RM43 is just a stronger formulation.

Does Vinegar Get Rid of Bamboo?

Vinegar is useless for killing bamboo. The reason vinegar won’t work is because it doesn’t kill weeds down to the root. Instead, the acetic acid in vinegar only attacks the leaves of the plant. When you’re dealing with bamboo, this isn’t enough. Even if you soak bamboo in gallons of vinegar, it will just grow new shoots from its deep root network.

  • Vinegar will not kill bamboo.
  • After vinegar treatment the bamboo will grow back.
  • Vinegar is neutralized by soil, so you can’t use it to kill bamboo roots.

There is no good way to kill bamboo roots with vinegar. When acetic acid (the plant-killing ingredient in vinegar) makes contact with soil, the acid is neutralized. This means that once it touches the soil, vinegar loses all its killing power. So, it will never destroy bamboo or other plants with tough root systems.

Can You Spray RM43 to Get Rid of Bamboo?

The best way to kill bamboo with RM43 is:

  1. Make sure your bamboo is green and actively growing.
  2. Cut off the bamboo shoots so they are only 6–12 inches tall (15–30 cm).
  3. Within 30 minutes of cutting the bamboo, spray RM43 directly onto the cuts.
  4. Allow 2 weeks for the RM43 to fully kill the bamboo root system.
  5. If the bamboo has new green growth after 2 weeks, spray with RM43 again.

If a second application is needed, wait an additional two weeks, then begin removing your bamboo. Dead bamboo is a lot easier to dig up than living bamboo, so using RM43 is a great bamboo removal technique.

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