Will Drano Kill Drain Flies?

Drano is an effective tool for eliminating a drain fly infestation. Drano will remove clogs that retain water, making it more difficult for drain flies to breed and multiply. It will also kill drain fly eggs and larvae. Drano works best when combined with additional measures for killing adult drain flies. This way, you can stop the insect infestation permanently.

Will drano kill drain flies?

Why is Drano Good for Killing Drain Flies?

Drano eliminates your drain fly problem at the source because it destroys the breeding ground where drain flies lay their eggs. Slow-draining or partially clogged drains retain water. This residual water breeds bacteria, which is what attracts drain flies. Larval drain flies feed on the bacteria in your drain pipe before transforming into adults. Drano works to eliminate clogs in drains, which discourages bacterial buildup in your pipes.

  • Drano removes drain clogs that cause standing water. This discourages bacterial growth and makes your drain less attractive to drain flies.
  • The compounds in Drano kill bacteria in your drain. Since drain flies feed on this bacteria, Drano removes the food source for these pests.
  • Drano is strong enough to kill drain fly eggs and larvae living inside your drain.

Because Drano is engineered to break down the organic materials that cause drain clogs, it is also powerful enough to kill bacteria, drain fly eggs, and drain fly larvae in your drain. By using Drano, you’ll kill baby drain flies before they begin buzzing around your home. You’ll also kill the bacteria drain flies feed on, starving any future drain flies that try to invade your home.

Which Drano is Best for Drain Flies?

Gel formulations of Drano are the best option for killing drain flies with a Drano product. Unlike liquid products, gel coats the walls of your plumbing. This allows the compounds in Drano to work longer and harder to kill bacteria and juvenile drain flies.

  • This Drano gel is the top choice for killing drain flies.
  • Drano gel coats the inside of pipes, killing more drain bacteria, as well as drain fly eggs and larvae.
  • Liquid Drano is still effective, but there is a higher chance that drain flies can return after you use a liquid drain cleaner.

Liquid Drano is still effective for breaking down clogs that create the perfect habitat for drain flies, but gel is the top choice. You’ll kill drain flies faster and with fewer doses of Drano if you use one of their gel products.

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How Long Does it Take to Get Rid of Drain Flies with Drano?

A drain fly infestation can be completely wiped out in 2–3 days if you use the right tactics. Although pouring Drano into an infested drain will help kill drain fly food sources, eggs, and larvae, it won’t kill adult drain flies. To kill drain flies as quickly as possible, check out our complete guide to killing drain flies.

  • Drano can kill drain fly eggs and larva within minutes.
  • Drano won’t kill adult flies. These flies can continue to pester you for up to 2 weeks unless you take measures to kill them as well.
  • To kill adult drain flies and prevent the infestation from continuing, try these tips for using vinegar to wipe out drain flies.

If you use Drano only, you may destroy the breeding ground for drain flies. However, adult drain flies could continue buzzing around your home for 2 weeks after this. Plus, there’s a chance that those adult drain flies may find a new place to lay their eggs, leading to a continued infestation. To get rid of drain flies fast, make sure to use other methods to kill adult drain flies.

Can You Use Drano to Kill Drain Flies if You Have a Septic Tank?

Drano products are septic-safe, so you can use Drano to kill off drain flies even if you have a septic system. It is also safe to use Drano on all types of plumbing. Whether you have plastic or metal pipes, Drano will help destroy drain fly food sources and kill immature flies. It’s a good product for almost any home afflicted with drain flies.

Will Drano Get Rid of Drain Flies?

Drano is excellent for helping to eliminate drain flies. However, there are some important facts to keep in mind when using Drano for this purpose:

  • Drano helps clear clogs from pipes, resulting in a less attractive habitat for drain flies.
  • The compounds in Drano coat the walls of your pipes, killing the bacteria young drain flies feed on.
  • Drano is powerful enough to kill drain fly eggs and larvae in your plumbing.
  • Drano’s gel products are the best choice for killing drain flies.
  • You won’t be able to kill adult drain flies with Drano—use traps and sprays to kill these flies so they don’t reproduce.
  • Drano is safe for septic systems and all types of plumbing, so it is a good choice for killing drain flies.

Whether you’re clearing drain flies from a kitchen sink or a shower drain, Drano is a great choice. Begin by using Drano to clear slow-draining water, destroy bacteria, and kill immature drain flies. Then, follow up with tactics to kill adult drain flies. Within a few days, your home will be fly-free.

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