How to Grow Dill Indoors [7 Steps for Delicious Dill]

When growing dill, begin with a 12-inch deep container (30 cm). Then, fill the container with indoor potting soil containing high-nutrient compost. Next, sprinkle up to 10 dill seeds on top of the soil and cover them with ¼-inch (6 mm) of soil. Water the dill seeds and sprouts whenever the top inch (25 mm) of soil is dry. Provide six to eight hours of direct sunlight daily. Once your dill is large enough, harvest up to one-third of the leaves at a time for cooking. Just make sure to trim off flower buds before they open, to prevent your dill from dropping seeds and dying.

How to grow dill indoors

How Long Does Dill Take to Grow Indoors

You can grow dill from seed to harvest size in as little as six to eight weeks. Dill grows very quickly and often thrives indoors, so you won’t have long to wait before you can enjoy it. Even if you want to grow dill to harvest the seeds, it won’t take much longer than eight weeks. So, it’s worth a try. Even if you’re new to gardening, you’ll learn quickly by experimenting with dill.

7 Steps to Grow Dill Indoors

You can grow dill in containers inside your home with relative ease. Just follow our step-by-step guide to go from an empty pot to bunches of fresh dill leaves.

Choose Your Container

Before planting your dill, select a container that is 12 inches deep (30 cm) and six to eight inches wide (15–20 cm). This will accommodate the roots of a mature dill plant. Shallow containers prevent healthy dill root growth. A container that is not wide enough won’t allow your dill to grow bushy and produce an abundance of delicious leaves.

Add Indoor Potting Soil

Once you’ve selected the container for your dill, fill it with a nutrient-rich indoor potting mix. This organic potting mix is our favorite. Using a potting mix ensures your dill has the fuel to grow. Plus, potting mixes are designed to drain properly so your dill won’t suffer from waterlogged roots.

Plant Your Dill Seeds

To plant dill seeds in your indoor container, sprinkle five to 10 of these dill seeds on the soil surface. Then, lightly cover them with ¼-inch of soil (6 mm). Once the seeds sprouts, thin them until only one or two strong sprouts remain. In a few weeks, one dill plant will quickly grow to fill an 8-inch wide container.

Water for Success

Immediately after planting your dill seeds, water until the soil is moist. Dill prefers moist soil, but struggles in very dry or soggy soil. So, after planting, water whenever the top 1 inch (25 mm) of soil feels dry. Keeping the soil slightly moist at all times will help your dill thrive indoors.

Provide Ample Sunlight

Providing enough light is the biggest challenge when growing dill indoors. Dill requires full sunlight, with six to eight hours of direct sun each day. Without enough sun, your dill won’t grow. Since it is almost impossible to provide enough natural light to dill growing indoors. Supplement sunlight with 4 hours of exposure to this grow light each day. Otherwise, read to the bottom of this article for our easy hack to growing dill indoors, no matter how much light your home receives.

Harvest Fresh Dill

Once your dill plant is six to eight weeks old and at least six inches tall (15 cm), you can begin harvesting your dill. Cut individual dill leaves from their main stems with a sharp pair of scissors. Just make sure not to take more than one-third of the leaves at once. Taking too many leaves at once can kill your plant. Check out our in-depth guide to dill harvesting for more details on how to get the most from your plant and keep it producing for years.

Prune Your Dill to Keep it Alive

Dill plants die after they produce flowers and drop their seeds. This can be disastrous since dill can begin flowering in eight weeks or less. To stop your dill plant from dying, prune off flower stalks before they bloom. Flower stalks are tall and thin, with several bunches of greenish-yellow buds on them. Use scissors to cut off these stalks so your dill continues to grow and produce fresh leaves.

What is the Easiest Way to Grow Dill Indoors?

Click and Grow indoor gardens are the easiest way to grow dill indoors. You won’t have to worry about choosing a planting container, filling it with potting soil, making sure your dill gets enough hours of sunlight, or watering. Simply plant a dill pod in one of Click and Grow’s indoor gardens and fill the water reservoir. The garden will take care of light and regular watering.

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Instead of investing in containers, seeds, soil, and grow lights, Click and Grow makes it easy. It’s a great choice for apartments and homes, especially if it’s difficult for you to provide your dill plant with full sun.

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Can Dill Survive Indoors?

A single dill plant can survive for up to two years indoors as long as you follow these steps for planting and caring for your dill:

  • Choose a container that is 12 inches deep (30 cm) and 6–8 inches wide (15–20 cm).
  • Fill the container with high-nutrient indoor potting soil.
  • Sprinkle 5–10 dill seeds on the soil surface and cover them with ¼-inch (6 mm) of soil.
  • Water dill after planting and every time the top 1 inch (25 mm) of soil is dry.
  • Provide full sunlight, supplemented with 4 hours from a grow light each day.
  • Once your plant is 6–8 weeks old, harvest fresh dill leaves.
  • Prune off flower buds before they open to prevent your dill from dying.

If left to its own devices indoors, dill will struggle to get enough sun. By supplementing natural light with a grow light, keeping the soil moist, and pruning off flower buds, your dill will live a long, healthy life.

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