How Deep Do Asparagus Roots Grow?

Asparagus roots grow to an astonishing size of 5–6 feet (1.5–1.8 meters) in diameter and 10–15 feet (3–4.5 meters) deep. These plants, sometimes mistakenly called asparagus ferns, are also highly invasive. For this reason, it’s sometimes pejoratively referred to as a perennial weed. Asparagus seedlings need to be handled carefully to limit future asparagus production. You won’t want this deeply-rooted perennial vegetable to overtake your local flora. Exercise proper care in asparagus plantings to avoid unchecked green asparagus growth.

How deep do asparagus roots grow?

Do Asparagus Have Shallow or Deep Roots?

Asparagus plants are well-known for their deep root system. An aspiring asparagus grower should avoid shallow soils and soils prone to water saturation when planting an asparagus bed. Additionally, an asparagus bed should be planted in such a way as to not shade other plants. Asparagus should be planted at the north end of any vegetable garden. If you have the necessary sun, a raised bed is a great option for asparagus.

  • All varieties of asparagus have deep roots.
  • Deep asparagus roots require rich soil and balanced fertilizer.
  • Be careful when planting asparagus—it can steal nutrients from nearby plants.

Asparagus plants are also fairly heavy feeders. This means that they sometimes steal nutrients from other nearby plants. Ensuring adequate nutrients for asparagus crops requires more rich soil than many other plants. Make sure your asparagus row is well-fertilized so that the deep roots don’t steal from nearby plants.

Do Asparagus Have Invasive Roots?

Asparagus roots, as well as the plant itself, can easily become invasive. This is because the plant can reproduce through its roots as well as by seed. This ability of asparagus plants allows them to propagate new individual asparagus plants everywhere. New asparagus spears can pop up anywhere your roots spread to and anywhere the wind can blow the asparagus seeds. 

  • Asparagus plants are highly invasive due to propagating through both roots and seeds.
  • Check before planting to make sure that asparagus is safe to grow in your region.

Each asparagus spear that sprouts can then grow its own root ball and roots. This can lead to an asparagus takeover in some gardens. Check with your local city council and garden center to find out if asparaguses are fine to grow in your region.

How Wide Do Asparagus Roots Grow?

Asparagus roots can take up to 6 square feet (1.8 meters) in width. These plants grow to a respectable size of 5 feet high by 3 feet wide (1.5 meters by 0.9 meters). As a result, they need a fairly deep root system to keep them upright. This root growth can be encouraged with a 3-inch (7.5 cm) layer of mulch on top of the soil. 

  • Asparagus roots need up to 6 square feet (1.8 meters) of space.
  • Because asparagus plants can grow very tall, they require deep roots for support.
  • Asparagus roots are always slightly wider than the visible plant width.

If you’d like to gauge the size of your asparagus plant’s roots use this handy trick: However wide the visible plant is, the roots are a few inches wider in every direction. So, the roots are larger than the leafy portion of the plant.

How Far Apart Should Asparagus Be Planted?

Asparagus seeds only need to be planted 2–3 inches apart (5–7.5 cm). Rows of asparagus should have 12 inches (30 cm) of space between each asparagus row. Adequate care should be taken to prevent your plants from spreading further than their asparagus rows. Your asparagus patch should ideally be limited to 10–12 asparagus plants per asparagus row. 

  • Asparagus seeds can be planted 2–3 inches (5–7.5 cm) apart in rows.
  • Plant asparagus seeds in rows 12 inches (30 cm) apart.
  • If you are planting asparagus crowns, plant them 5–6 inches (12.5–15 cm) apart.
  • Grow asparagus crowns in rows 24 inches (60 cm) apart.

Instead of seeds, you may want to plant asparagus crowns. An asparagus crown is the year-old root system of partially developed asparagus. They can be purchased from most local plant nurseries. Since this asparagus plant is already semi-developed, they need to be planted farther apart. Rows of asparagus crowns should be planted with 5–6 inches (12.5–15 cm) of space between crowns. You should also keep 24 inches (60 cm) of space between asparagus rows if planting from crowns.

How Deep Does the Soil Need to Be for Asparagus?

The soil where you plant asparagus must be at least 16 feet deep (5 meters) for maximum root growth. At initial planting, an asparagus root crown should be planted 6 inches (15 cm) deep. So you can start growing asparagus from seed with only a few inches of soil. However, it will need to be transplanted once it reaches 6 inches in height. At such height, the roots will start to exceed 6 inches in depth and need deeper soil. 

  • Mature asparagus plants require 16 feet (5 meters) of soil depth.
  • Asparagus does not grow well in containers.
  • You can start asparagus in pots, but it must be transplanted to the ground once it reaches 6 inches (15 cm) tall.

Stunted roots from shallow asparagus planting can lead to crown rot and diminished asparagus spear production. This will result in smaller asparagus yields. To keep an asparagus bed productive, it needs great solid depth and proper irrigation for adequate soil moisture. This will ensure an abundant crop when you harvest your asparagus spears.

How Deep Do Asparagus Roots Get?

Asparagus plants grow deep and wide roots that can propagate into more asparagus plants. As a result, they are something of an invasive plant species. Always keep these tips in mind when you are planning an asparagus patch.

  • Asparagus roots can grow as deep as 15 feet (4.5 meters).
  • The diameter of asparagus roots can reach 6 feet (1.8 meters)
  • Asparagus plants are well-known for having deep and wide roots relative to their size.
  • Asparagus seeds can be planted fairly close together but crowns need more space
  • Ensure that asparagus crowns are planted in deep soil
  • Never plant asparagus crops without confirming that it is fine to grow in your region.

By providing your asparagus plants with deep soil, you’ll allow them to grow incredible roots. This contributes to a nonstop asparagus harvest throughout the growing season. Just make sure to plant this deep-rooted vegetable a safe distance from other plants so your asparagus doesn’t steal nutrients from the rest of your garden.

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