How Long Do Mango Trees Live?

Healthy mango trees have an incredible lifespan and can live for more than 100 years This long lifespan allows them to reach incredible sizes. The average mango tree height reaches around 100 feet tall (30 meters). On top of this, ancient mangos continue to bear their tropical fruits for their entire lives. All of these factors make mango trees prized for their longevity and fruit production. Mangos have become symbols of immortality, eternal love, and spiritual wisdom for these reasons.

How long do mango trees live?

How Long Will a Mango Tree Produce Fruit?

Mango cultivars bear fruit for their whole lives except for the first 5–10 years of growth. Once they begin bearing fruit, mango trees will bear ripe fruit every year for 10 years. After this, they will only bear fruit every other year. Determined gardeners can sometimes coax certain mango cultivars into bearing fruit every year. Grafting is also a pretty simple practice to accomplish.

  • Mango trees begin bearing fruit once they are 5–10 years old.
  • Your mango tree will produce mangoes yearly for 10 years.
  • Older mango trees produce fruit every other year.
  • Grafted mango trees can sometimes bear fruit every year.

Grafted mango trees share the same root network but each part of the tree can bear fruit at different times. In rare instances, both the parent tree and the grafted tree may wind up bearing fruit every year. Having grafted mango trees does come with the downside of reducing the average mango tree height. It can also reduce the lifespan of mango tree cultivars. However, most people don’t need a 100-year-old, 100 foot tall (30 meters) mango tree. So keeping the tree to a manageable size and lower lifespan isn’t seen as an issue.

What is the Average Lifespan of Mango Tree Cultivars?

The average mango tree will live for 100-200 years. This amazing mango tree lifespan can be extended in ideal conditions and lowered in poor conditions. The lifespan of mango tree cultivars includes 5 distinct growth stages. Here are the mango tree growth stages:

  1. Seed – the humble mango seed is rough in texture, white to brown in color, and usually medium sized. It needs to be dried out for a bit before it is ready for planting. Generally dark brown seeds are best for mango tree planting.
  2. Germinating – at this stage, your mango plant will begin to grow roots and sprout dark green shoots. Oftentimes it is preferable to germinate mango seeds in containers and then transplant a sturdy seedling to your garden.
  3. Seedling – this is a tricky stage as mango tree stems are quite delicate at first. Seedlings require a lot of water and constant care before growing into a young tree.
  4. Maturation – as a mango tree reaches its mature size, it begins to harden and become sturdy. Seed-grown trees will stop requiring as much care at this point. Mango trees in containers are now ready to be transplanted.
  5. Flowering – the final stage is where your mango tree finally grows mango flowers and begins to bear fruit. Generally this will happen 5–10 years into the tree’s development. A well cared for mango tree will remain in this stage for 90 years or more.

Now that you know the mango tree growth stages, you know all you need to know about the lifespan of mango tree cultivars. Be sure to consult your local garden center for tips on caring for a mango tree at each stage of development.

Can a Mango Tree Live Forever?

Mango trees are not immortal but have become a symbol of immortality in many cultures. This is due to the fact that mango trees regularly outlive the people who plant them. The oldest living mango tree in existence is around 300 years old. While that’s very impressive, it’s a far cry from living forever.

How to Make a Mango Tree Live Longer

The only surefire way to increase a mango tree’s lifespan is to grow it under ideal conditions and plant it in a place it can thrive. This means providing tropical temperatures, rich soil mix, and balanced fertilizer. Mango trees will not reach their peak lifespan outside of their ideal native habitat. Additionally, you will want to watch for fungal diseases and common pests. If your tree does get infested with pests, treat it with organic pesticides

How Cold Can Mango Trees Tolerate?

Mango fruit trees can survive temperatures as low as 25℉ (-4℃). Anything lower than that will kill your mango plant. Mango trees have enough cold tolerance to handle sub-freezing temperatures but cold conditions will still stunt your mango’s growth. Regular frosts and freezes can even kill a mango tree.

  • Mango trees struggle in temperatures below 25℉ (-4℃).
  • If they are exposed to excessive cold, mango trees will die.
  • Use specialized methods to protect your mango tree from frost.

There are some ways to protect a mango tree from frost, however. A solid layer of mulch can provide much-needed insulation for mango roots. Watering your tree through the winter will keep soil moist, which will make it more frost-resistant. You can even cover a mango tree in fleece to retain heat during cold nights.

How Long Does a Mango Tree Last?

Mango trees live incredibly long and fruitful lives. They are some of the most enduring and long-lived plants in nature. If you care for your mango tree and give it the proper conditions, it will outlive you and your grandchildren. Let’s recap the many wonders of the mango tree’s incredible lifespan:

  • Most mango trees will live for 100 years and some can live up to 200.
  • Mango trees can’t live forever but some have been known to live to 300.
  • Mangoes can bear fruit for their whole lives, following their initial 5–10 years of growth.
  • Temperatures below 25℉ (-4℃) are deadly to mango trees.
  • Protect your mango tree from cold weather to ensure it enjoys a long, productive lifespan.

Whether you’re growing a dwarf mango tree or planting a new mango tree in your yard, you can expect many years of delicious fruit and small, white blossoms. Many mango varieties thrive outside of tropical climates, so you can even grow them outdoors in North America.

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