How Much Water Do Morning Glories Need?

Morning glories need 1 inch (2.5 cm) of water per week. To get the best results, water once weekly. Provide enough water to moisten the soil down to a depth of 1 inch. Water your morning glories early in the morning to allow them to soak up water without losing moisture to evaporation. In hot or windy conditions, morning glory vines require more frequent watering. If you are growing your morning glories from seeds, you should give them a bit of water daily until the seeds sprout.

How much water do morning glories need?

How Much Water Do Morning Glories Need Per Day?

It is not necessary to water morning glories each day. Water them once per week. Each time you water, provide enough water to moisten the soil to a depth of 1 inch (2.5 cm). This is the baseline for a healthy morning glory plant. From here, you can provide more water in dry conditions, or reduce watering during wet weather. Morning glories love full sun, but sunny planting locations can contribute to fast-drying soil in hot weather.

  • Morning glories don’t need to be watered daily.
  • For a healthy morning glory, water once per week.
  • Provide enough water to moisten the soil to a depth of 1 inch (2.5 cm) each time you water.
  • Increase watering frequency and volume during dry and/or windy conditions.
  • Reduce watering when there is rainfall.

It’s important to take rainfall into consideration when you make your morning glory watering plan, since morning glories do not need a lot of water to begin with. If you know that rain is predicted for later in the week, you may want to water your plant lightly at the beginning of the week and see how much natural rain comes. If you are growing your vines from morning glory seeds, however, water them every day until they sprout.

How Do You Water Morning Glories?

The beginning of the day is the best time to water morning glories. Cooler morning temperatures prevent the water from evaporating before your morning glories can absorb it. If you water during the heat of the day, there is a high chance that water will evaporate. This can starve your morning glories of water.

  • Water morning glories in the morning to prevent water loss due to evaporation.
  • Water at the base of your morning glory plant—do not pour water over the leaves.

It’s best to water morning glories at ground level. This makes it easier to gauge the amount of water you’ve given your plant. Watering at ground level also helps prevent mildew from forming on the plant’s heart-shaped leaves.

Do Morning Glories Like Wet or Dry Soil?

Morning glories prefer their soil moist without being soggy. They tolerate dry soil better than wet soil, so it’s better to allow the ground to dry out a little bit instead of risking drowning your plants. Morning glory flowers also like soil that is not overly rich in organic matter. Very rich soil can lead to a lot of leafy growth, but few blooms.

  • Morning glories prefer semi-moist soil.
  • Morning glory vines tolerate dry soil better than a soggy environment.
  • Avoid overly rich soil mixed with compost or fertilizer—it can reduce the number of blooms your plant produces. 
  • Add mulch around the base of your morning glory

It’s a good idea to put mulch around the base of your morning glory vine. A layer of mulch helps keep the soil at the proper moisture level and prevents the ground from drying out between waterings. As an added bonus, mulch prevents weeds from sprouting around your morning glory vines.

Can You Overwater Morning Glories?

It is possible to overwater morning glories, and you will probably not be happy with the outcome. An overwatered morning glory may not die, but it is likely to produce leaves and greenery without any flowers. The vines themselves may grow bigger and faster, but the flowers will fail to bloom.

  • Morning glories can be overwatered, which can lead to several problems.
  • Overwatered morning glories often have an abundance of leaves but no flowers.
  • Fungal diseases commonly attack overwatered morning glories.

In some instances, overwatering your morning glory can cause root rot. This disease can weaken the plant and even kill it. Overwatered morning glories will also be susceptible to a host of fungal diseases. These include black rot and stem canker. All fungal diseases are difficult to cure, so the best course of action is to avoid overwatering your morning glories. Do not allow the soil to become soggy or swampy. If the ground is very wet, allow it to dry out somewhat before watering again.

How Do You Know If Morning Glories Need Water?

Poke your finger half an inch (1 cm) into the soil. If you don’t feel any moisture at that depth, it’s a good idea to give your morning glories some water. Touching the soil is the best way to determine if morning glories need water. These plants need constant moisture to establish strong roots, so it is not good if the surrounding soil becomes extremely dry. 

  • Check the soil for dryness to determine if your morning glories need water.
  • Soil that is dry to a depth of ½-inch (1 cm) is a sign your morning glories need water.
  • Morning glories that suddenly droop from one day to the next are almost always in need of moisture.

Sudden wilting is a sure sign your morning glories need water. If your morning glories looked fine one day and are drooping the next, they are probably in need of moisture. It’s a good idea to check your garden daily to spot plants that are in need of water.

Do Morning Glories Require Lots of Water?

When creating a watering plan for your morning glory, remember these rules:

  • Morning glories require 1 inch (2.5 cm) of water per week.
  • Provide enough water that the soil at the base of your morning glory is moist to a depth of 1 inch.
  • If the soil around your morning glory is dry at a depth of ½-inch (1 cm), your plant needs water.
  • Water wilting or drooping morning glories immediately.
  • It’s best to water morning glories once per week in most weather conditions.
  • In dry conditions, it may be necessary to increase watering to 2–3 times per week.
  • If there is rainfall, reduce the amount of water you give your morning glories.

The common morning glory is one of the hardier annual vines you can grow. They will survive in most conditions. However, by keeping the top inch of soil moist but not soggy, you ensure your plants have abundant growth with plenty of flowers.

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