7 Incredibly Easy Steps to Kill Crabgrass in Bermuda Lawns

In order to kill crabgrass growing in your Bermuda lawn, choose a weed killer that contains Quinclorac. This herbicide is safe for Bermuda grass but kills crabgrass to the root. Water your lawn 24 hours before you plan to spray the weed killer. Then, choose a calm day with temperatures below 90℉ (32℃) to spray for crabgrass. Spray the crabgrass thoroughly and do not water the lawn for 24–48 hours after spraying. The weed killer will wipe out the crabgrass in 1–2 weeks but won’t damage your Bermuda grass.

Kill crabgrass in Bermuda

What is the Best Crabgrass Killer for Bermuda Grass?

The best products for safely killing Crabgrass growing in Bermuda grass are weed sprays that include Quinclorac. This active ingredient targets actively growing crabgrass but won’t harm Bermuda grass.

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  • This weed spray kills crabgrass and broadleaf weeds but won’t harm Bermuda.
  • Use products with Quinclorac to kill crabgrass without harming Bermuda grass.
  • Do not use Roundup—it will kill Bermuda grass.
  • Avoid crabgrass killers that are not made with Quinclorac. These can harm Bermuda grass.

Avoid using Roundup or any other products labeled as “grass killers.” Roundup is a non-selective herbicide that kills all types of grass. Many supposedly grass-friendly weed sprays can harm Bermuda grass. Choose products with Quinclorac to ensure your Bermuda lawn isn’t damaged.

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Can You Use Crabgrass Preventer on Bermuda Grass?

Some crabgrass preventers are safe for Bermuda lawns while others will harm your Bermuda grass. Prodiamine, Barricade, and Dimension will prevent crabgrass from sprouting but won’t harm your Bermuda. Tenacity, on the other hand, will harm non-dormant Bermuda grass. For this reason, we don’t recommend using Tenacity on your Bermuda lawn.

  • Barricade pre-emergent is our number one choice for Crabgrass prevention in Bermuda lawns.
  • Avoid using Tenacity pre-emergent—it can kill actively growing Bermuda grass.
  • Spread pre-emergent in spring to stop crabgrass from overtaking your lawn.

Once you choose a Bermuda-safe crabgrass preventer, spread it in spring to kill crabgrass seeds as they germinate underground. It’s important to spread your pre-emergent at the right time to stop crabgrass in its tracks.

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How to Kill Crabgrass in Bermuda Lawns in 7 Steps

If your beautiful Bermuda lawn is being overtaken by crabgrass, it’s too late for a pre-emergent herbicide. It’s time to tackle crabgrass quickly and wipe it out without harming your desirable grass. Here’s how:

Choose a Bermuda-Safe Crabgrass Killer

A post-emergent herbicide with Quinclorac is your best bet for killing crabgrass growing among Bermuda lawn grasses. Ortho WeedClear is a great choice. It contains Quinclorac for wiping out crabgrass. Plus, it has 2,4-D and Dicamba, which wipe out broadleaf weeds without doing damage to your lawn. With one product, you can kill crabgrass, dandelions, and any other invasive weeds.

Water Your Lawn Before Spraying Crabgrass

Water your lawn thoroughly 24 hours before you spray your crabgrass killer. This will keep your lawn hydrated as you wait for the crabgrass killer to be absorbed by the weeds. By watering 24 hours in advance, the soil will be moist but not wet. This prevents standing water from diluting your herbicide and rendering it less effective.

Choose the Right Day to Spray Crabgrass

Spray crabgrass killer on your lawn on a calm, wind-free day with a high below 90℉ (32℃). Excessively hot temperatures can cause Quinclorac to damage Bermuda grass. Additionally, hot and/or windy conditions can cause the herbicide spray to evaporate before it can be absorbed by the crabgrass grassy weeds. A cool, overcast day with very little wind is your best choice.

Mix Crabgrass Killer in a Sprayer

If you’ve chosen to target only crabgrass with this concentrated Quinclorac crabgrass killer, you’ll need to dilute it before spraying. Use a 1–2-gallon pump sprayer. Carefully measure the correct amount of Quinclorac according to product label instructions. Add the herbicide to the sprayer first, then add water. This ensures a well-mixed finished product.

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Spray Crabgrass Thoroughly

Crisscross your lawn in a back-and-forth pattern, spraying every tuft of crabgrass thoroughly. Make sure the leaves are fully misted with crabgrass killer before moving on. Don’t worry if the spray lands on the Bermuda grass nearby. Your lawn grasses won’t be harmed by a Quinclorac-based weed killer.

Wait Before Watering

Allow 24–48 hours after spraying weeds before you water your lawn. This allows time for the herbicide to infiltrate the grassy weeds. If possible, spray crabgrass plants when there is no rain in the forecast for 2–3 days. This allows you to control when your lawn receives water, preventing rain from washing away your herbicide.

Allow Time for Crabgrass Killer to Work

Selective, post-emergent herbicides take a little while to work. Although crabgrass wilting may begin quickly, these stubborn weeds may not fully die for 7–14 days. During this time, avoid mowing if possible. This will allow the combination herbicides to penetrate weeds to the root and wipe them out.

Will Bermuda Choke Out Crabgrass?

Although Bermuda is a fast-spreading grass type, it’s very unlikely to choke out crabgrass. Crabgrass is an annual weed that sprouts and grows quickly before casting its seeds and dying. Although a thick Bermuda lawn will discourage crabgrass from sprouting, once this weed takes hold it simply grows too quickly for Bermuda to fend it off. So, when crabgrass appears you’ll have to get rid of it yourself.

How Do You Kill Crabgrass in Bermuda Grass?

The best way to kill crabgrass growing in your lawn is to:

  • Use a Quinclorac-based crabgrass killer for lawns.
  • Water your lawn 24 hours prior to spraying weed killer.
  • Spray crabgrass on a wind-free day with temperatures below 90℉ (32℃).
  • If you are using a concentrated Quinclorac product, dilute it in a pump sprayer.
  • Spray your liquid crabgrass killer on each crabgrass plant in your lawn.
  • Do not water your lawn for 24–48 hours after spraying crabgrass.
  • Allow 7–14 days for crabgrass killer to fully wipe out the invasive grass.

Of all the types of weeds to invade Bermuda lawns, crabgrass is one of the worst. It spreads quickly. In addition, several weed killers that harm crabgrass can damage Bermuda grass. By choosing a product that contains Quinclorac, however, you can destroy crabgrass without harming your Bermuda.

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