When Do Sunflowers Bloom in Texas?

Sunflower fields in Texas begin blooming in May. Although sunflower blooms last for 2–3 months, the best time to see Texas sunflower fields is from May through June. In some areas of Texas, late-blooming sunflowers make up a second wave of blooms. These sunflowers bloom from September into October. Whether you’re looking for acres of sunflowers in Texas or planting some in your backyard, you can expect beautiful flowers beginning in early summer and perhaps continuing into fall.

When do sunflowers bloom in Texas?

Do Sunflowers Grow Well in Texas?

Sunflowers grow very well in Texas. So well, in fact, that Texas leads the nation in the most sunflower seeds produced yearly. There are many sunflower fields in the state. The locations of these fields range from the Dallas/Fort Worth Area, the panhandle, San Antonio, Austin, Houston, and even as far west as El Paso. It seems every area of Texas is a great place to grow the common sunflower.

  • Sunflowers grow so well in Texas that sunflower fields can be found all over the state.
  • You can successfully cultivate sunflowers in North Texas, South Texas, Central, or West Texas.
  • Plan to grow a few gorgeous sunflowers in your garden.

If you’re planning a Texas garden, it’s a good idea to include a few beautiful sunflowers in your plan. With our guide on when to plant sunflowers in Texas, you’ll grow beautiful yellow sunflower blooms. Not only do they look good, but these flowers also yield an abundance of delicious sunflower seeds.

When is Sunflower Season in Texas?

Sunflower season in Texas begins in May and is at its peak in May and June. If you’re planning a day trip to a field of sunflowers, consider early summer in both North and South Texas. If you’re hunting for sunflowers in fall, Mainstay Farm, outside Dallas, has blooming sunflowers in September and October.

  • Sunflower season in Texas begins in May and continues through June.
  • In some regions of Texas, you can find sunflower blooms in late summer and early fall, even as late as October.
  • Most backyard varieties of sunflowers begin blooming during June or July in Texas.

In some regions of Texas, farmers can successfully grow two crops of sunflowers—one that’s harvested in early summer and a second harvested in fall. This further lengthens the sunflower season. However, if you’re planting sunflowers in your garden, expect one crop that begins blooming in July.

Are There Sunflower Fields in Texas?

The numerous sunflower fields in Texas make the state the best place in North America to see a blooming grove of sunflowers. Locations such as Mainstay Farm and Wild Berry Farm near Dallas offer large sunflower fields and professional photography among the sunflowers. Sweet Eats Fruit Farm outside of Austin holds annual sunflower festivals and has acres of flowers.

  • There are sunflower fields throughout Texas.
  • Nearly every major city in Texas has sunflower fields nearby.
  • Check your local area for beautiful sunflower fields near you.

If you’re in the Houston area, both P-6 Farms and Froberg’s Farm grow gorgeous yellow blooms in early summer. Wildseed Farm is a great sunflower farm near San Antonio. If you’re in West Texas, you can make a day trip to Calhoun Farms to see acres of sunflowers.

How Long Does a Sunflower Bloom?

Once a sunflower begins blooming, the flower head continues to bloom for 2–3 months. During this time, the seeds continue to mature but aren’t ready for harvest. Once the flower petals begin wilting and falling off, it’s time to harvest the sunflower heads. This harvest either takes place in July or August (for early crops) or October (for fall-blooming sunflowers). So, you don’t need to rush to harvest once your sunflower blooms—it still has a few months before it’s ready.

Do Sunflowers Only Bloom Once?

Sunflowers are annual plants that bloom once before dying. Once the sunflower produces a flower and begins to bloom, it will not create another flower. After blooming for 2–3 months, the flower petals will drop off and the edible seeds will either be harvested or eaten by wildlife. Then, the sunflower will wilt and die. To grow sunflowers, you have to plant them every year from seeds.

What Month Do Sunflowers Bloom in Texas?

Whether you’re planting sunflowers in Texas or looking for a sunflower field near you, keep these rules in mind:

  • Sunflower fields in Texas may begin blooming as early as May and continue to bloom through mid-summer in most areas of Texas.
  • Some farms have two sunflowers crops—an early summer crop and a fall crop.,
  • Fall crops of sunflowers bloom in September and October.
  • Most backyard sunflowers begin blooming in June or July and are ready for harvest by September.

Enjoy the many sunflower farms in Texas by taking a trip to one near you, or try your hand at growing your own sunflower patch. Either way, you will get to experience beautiful blooms and delicious seeds.

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