Does Quinclorac Kill Nutsedge?

Quinclorac has been shown to kill and control yellow nutsedge. However, it is still not demonstrated to kill purple nutsedge. Other products, including Sedgehammer, and herbicide sprays that mix Sulfentrazone with Quinclorac are among the most effective for killing nutsedge.

When using Quinclorac, make certain it is safe for your lawn. The goal is to kill the sedge weed without harming any of your turf grass. Quinclorac is safe for use on most grasses but can damage Bahiagrass, Centipede grass, and St. Augustine. If your lawn has one of these grasses, choose another sedge-killing product.

Does Quinclorac kill nutsedge?

Is Quinclorac the Best Product for Killing Nutsedge?

Although Quinclorac will kill yellow nutsedge, it is not the most effective sedge killer. There are several other herbicides on the market that kill all types of sedge grasses and are gentle on turf grass.

  • Quinclorac is only effective at killing yellow nutsedge. It won’t kill purple nutsedge.
  • Multiple applications of Quinclorac may be necessary to completely kill sedge.
  • Alternative products are more effective than Quinclorac at killing and preventing nutsedge.

If you are looking for a product specifically designed to control nutsedge, Quinclorac is not the best option. When searching for a Quinclorac product that also kills all types of sedge, check to see if Sulfentrazone is listed on the product label. Sulfentrazone is a nutsedge killer that boosts the sedge control properties of Quinclorac. It is included in this weed spray.

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What Weeds Does Quinclorac Kill?

In addition to yellow nutsedge, Quinclorac kills broadleaf weeds (clover, dandelions, etc.) as well as grassy weeds (crabgrass, foxtails, etc.).

  • Broadleaf weeds, including chickweed, dandelions, and clover.
  • Grassy weeds, such as crabgrass, foxtail, and barnyard grass.
  • Some sedges, such as yellow nutsedge.

Quinclorac is often added to products that contain other broadleaf weed killers such as 2,4-D in order to enable those products to control broadleaf weeds and grassy weeds at the same time, without damaging turf grass.

Does Quinclorac Kill Grass?

Quinclorac is designed to kill broadleaf weeds and pest grasses without harming turf grasses. However, not all grasses are safe for Quinclorac application.

  • Quinclorac will not harm most grasses.
  • Quinclorac application can kill the following grasses: St. Augustine, Centipede grass, Bahiagrass.

If the grass in your lawn can be harmed by Quinclorac, choose a different weed control method for nutsedge. Additionally, there are products designed to kill nutsedge that are safe for all grass types.

How Long Does Quinclorac Take to Work?

Quinclorac will show results within 14 days after application. When using Quinclorac, remain patient and do not reapply until you have given the herbicide time to produce results.

  • Results may take as long as 14 days to appear.
  • Do not reapply Quinclorac within 14 days. This may damage turf grass.

Applying too much Quinclorac, or reapplying too soon, can damage many types of turf grass. When using Quinclorac products, always review product labels for correct application rates. If you’ve sprayed sedge with a Quinclorac product, wait the full two weeks to see results.

Is Quinclorac Effective Against Nutsedge?

Quinclorac will kill yellow nutsedge, but is not effective against purple nutsedge. For pure sedge control with the best results that won’t harm your grass, use a specialized sedge control product. Otherwise, use a weed spray that combines Quinclorac with Sulfentrazone. These products kill all varieties of sedge.

Quinclorac is best used to kill crabgrass, foxtail, and clover. It is not the strongest or most effective sedge killer on the market, but is best-in-class for crabgrass and clover control.

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