Does Quinclorac Kill Poa Annua?

Quinclorac will not kill Poa Annua (Annual Bluegrass). Use a pre-emergent herbicide to stop Poa Annua from sprouting in the spring and fall. Then, use a specialized post-emergent, such as Tenacity, to kill any Poa Annua that sprouts. Use Quinclorac to kill crabgrass, foxtail, and clover.

Does Quinclorac kill poa annua?

Why Doesn’t Quinclorac Kill Poa Annua?

Poa Annua is commonly known as Annual Bluegrass for good reason—it is closely related to desirable Bluegrass varieties like Texas and Kentucky Bluegrass. Quinclorac is formulated to kill pest grasses, like crabgrass, without harming desirable grass. Essentially, Poa Annua is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It tricks the Quinclorac into thinking it’s a desirable grass and slips by unscathed.

  • Quinclorac kills many pest types of grass, such as crabgrass and foxtail.
  • Kentucky Bluegrass is not harmed by Quinclorac. Because Poa Annua is similar to Kentucky Bluegrass, it is not killed by Quinclorac applications.
  • Common weed killers that contain Quinclorac and additional ingredients (Dicamba, 2,4-D) will not kill Poa Annua.

Most weed killers with Quinclorac contain broadleaf weed killers such as 2,4-D and Dicamba. These compounds will not help you in your battle against Annual Bluegrass. They only target non-grassy weeds. If you’re going to stop and kill Poa Annua, you need to use more specialized products.

How Do You Get Rid of Poa Annua?

There are several highly effective methods to kill Poa Annua. Comprehensive plans for Poa Annua control and eradication include both pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicide. The best methods are:

  • Apply pre-emergent herbicide in early fall (September) and spring (March) to stop Poa Annua from sprouting.
  • Specialized post-emergent herbicide use to kill Poa Annua without harming desirable grass. Tenacity and Prograss are two post-emergent Poa Annua killers.
  • In winter, when your turf grass is dormant, spray green Poa Annua with Roundup. The Glyphosate in Roundup will not harm dormant grass.
  • Never use a pre-emergent and a post-emergent at the same time to kill Poa Annua.

These effective Poa Annua killing products and tactics will help you put a stop to this troublesome weed. Leave the Quinclorac on the shelf and save it for attacking crabgrass in the spring.

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What is the Best Use for Quinclorac?

Quinclorac is most effective as a crabgrass and clover killer. It performs well when mixed with Dicamba and/or 2,4-D. A blend of these active ingredients controls a wide spectrum of weeds, from grassy weeds like crabgrass to broadleaf weeds such as dandelions.

  • Use Quinclorac to kill crabgrass, clover, and foxtail.
  • This weed spray contains Quinclorac, 2,4-D, and Dicamba to kill crabgrass and broadleaf weeds, but won’t kill Poa Annua.
  • Quinclorac can be applied to perennial and annual weeds throughout spring, summer, and fall seasons to kill seedling and mature weeds.

As a herbicide, Quinclorac mixes well with broadleaf weed controls to form a strong post-emergent barrier against almost all common weeds. Unfortunately, Poa Annua is one of the hardest weeds to target, so it slips through the defenses of most herbicides.

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Will Quinclorac Kill Poa Annua?

Quinclorac does not kill Poa Annua. Although Quinclorac is effective at killing many pest grasses, including crabgrass, barnyard grass, and foxtail, it does not do any damage to Poa Annua (also known as Annual Bluegrass).

For Poa Annua control, first, apply a pre-emergent herbicide in the fall. Then, use a specially formulated herbicide, such as Tenacity, to kill any Poa Annua that sprouts. Alternatively, if Poa Annua is actively growing among dormant grass, you can spray it with Roundup. This will kill Poa Annua but will not harm any dormant grass.

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